TOLERANCE (Female trousers in church) by George Onyedika Nnadozie

If you are a member of a Church where trousers are not permitted for ladies in the Church meetings, don’t wear it in the Church meetings. If your Church demands you must use head tie or cap when praying, always use your head tie in the Church. If your Church tells you not to wear Jean materials to Church, please I beg you, do not wear it in the Church. Perhaps that is their own dress code just like in your school, departments are strictly on their departmental outfits. Having said that, we must understand that keeping those rules are not capable of making us go to heaven just like not doing them outside the Church doesn’t make us go to hell. If you are tired of wearing other outfits to Church, if you think they shouldn’t subject you to a particular dress code and you want to wear trousers, then it is time to change Church. I believe that there other Churches who accepts you the way you are. But if you feel your Church is giving you what you need from God’s word, then perhaps you have to sacrifice your sundays to their dress code. You must know this: in respecting those dress codes, you are not doing it for God, you are doing it for those who subjected you to that law. If your sole reason for using head tie is to attract God’s answers to your prayers then I must tell you that God doesn’t care if you use head tie or not. If your sole reason for not wearing trouser is for the fear of hell, then you must also remain afraid because am sure the materials of your skirts are not the same with your shirt or top and am also sure you don’t keep the Sabbath day holy! Let us allow the Holy Spirit to influence us and even our dressings! If we allow God to lead us, we must always get it right! If you don’t wear trousers, don’t condemn those who do! If you wear trouser, don’t condemn those who don’t. If you use head tie, don’t condemn those who don’t use them. That a lady wears trousers doesn’t mean she is spoilt and that a lady wear skirt doesn’t mean she is a saint! That a guy wear plain trousers doesn’t make him a saint too! It may make you a “sister or brother” but it doesn’t make you “Holy”. Let love lead! Enough of irrelevant condemnation!


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