Do you need to Change? Perhaps what you need is to keep working, walking and improving.

Growth is a continuous process. Behavioural perfection is not achieved in a go, every leader, pastor and Minister have their weaknesses. The problem of many is not that they have a particular weakness but they refuse to accept the fact that they are not perfect in the flesh.

Nevertheless, the desire to change is a sign of maturity. Any person who begins to desire improvement is becoming mature enough to actually admit that “yes, I need to improve”. The mistake that often follow this desire is that at the end some starts to work on it on their own strength. This can lead to failure. St. Paul said “Cast all your anxiety to God, he cares” 1Peter 5:7… On God, we can absolutely rule over our weaknesses.

For improvement (not change), I will advice. Always seek godly counsel from the right source (God’s word & matured CHRISTIANS). Meditate on the word (first, for your spiritual benefits before others). Keep on believing, keep on applying God’s word in your life and you’ll keep improving.

No matter what, people will criticize you. They may be right, they may be wrong. Listen to them if you have the time but never dwell on what you heard. Keep walking and working through Jesus.

As long as your walk is always forward, never look back.


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