Three young boys were arguing… Their argument almost led to a fight. What was the argument? One was of the notion that infinix smartphones are better than Tecno phones and the other was of the notion that Tecno was better than itel… The third guy who was an itel faithful was keen in defending his dear itel smartphone.


Well, I have got a surprising news for you! Sometimes we fight over nothing. Just in case you don’t know… TECNO, INFINIX AND ITEL is a brand of TRANSSION HOLDINGS formerly known as TECNO TELECOM. This company also boast of Afmobi, Palmchat, Palmplay and the almighty Carl-Care. With all this put together, the company is the biggest distributor and manufacturer of mobile phones in the entire Africa!


I call it business intelligence. While haters of Tecno are busy patronising the same company by purchasing Infinix which sounds more American, the company is waxing strong. I was prompted to make this research when some people began to announce that infinix phones will sweep Tecno off the market. Palmchat is becoming very popular even among Samsung Galaxy users. One way or the other, you are going to patronise something you place of little or no value.

Apart from Tecno, have you heard of Nokia? Nokia mobile is currently owned by Microsoft. Microsoft is Bill Gates company… Known for its Windows software. You may no longer find a new Nokia smartphone on the market… But every Microsoft phone is what you used to know as Nokia.

A friend once told me that Motorola has folded business… We all thought so, because

we scarcely see any Motorola product unlike before when MotoRazar was on vogue. Another surprise! Have you heard of Lenovo? Lenovo is among the world best phone manufactures today… I have used a Lenovo phone before, it was my best. Do you know that Motorola is owned by Lenovo? What about that huge phone called NEC? Lenovo owns it too! What of IBM computers that used to be the world best? Lenovo also acquired the company… Today, Lenovo is the first in Computers before HP comes in.

Do you hate Compaq laptops? Some haters actually love Hp computers… Lol! As long as you love HP, you love Compaq. HP is the proud owner of Compaq computers.

What prompted this post? You can’t fight ideas and visions… You can’t squarely challenge it. You may hate it, but it will surely come back to you another way round and you will never know you have been a supporter of it. Like most people that shout “chinko!” at every sight of Tecno but they are proud users of Infinix, those that looks at Lenovo with suspecting eyes but they flaunt their Motorola’s with pride… Truth is, when people don’t like you, make out something that they will love. At the end, they will realise they ended up loving you!

Few years back, a young girl said  she will never have anything to do with YAC, unfortunately, when she began to associate with me, she never knew she was also associating with YAC… Before she knew it, she was already preaching YAC!… I call it packaging!

Finally, what are you fighting? You may have been fighting what you have loved the most.




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