Will you be my friend?

From childhood to the this moment, I have been meeting friends and I have been losing friends. We often treat some friends like demi-gods, sometimes we promise ourselves death if we ever lose them! To some we spend almost all of our resources to have them stay! We share time, we share ideas, we share meals… We even share our hearts. But one thing is certain, everyone we meet will also leave when their part to play in our lives is over. Sometimes when I look back to the hands of time, I see a lot of friends that I have loosed. Many of them played good roles in my life, others were just there to waste my time and some others had negative effects on me.


People leave us when their part is over! When they leave, allow them to go… It is bad to force them stay, that would risk you into beginning who you are not supposed to be. Yet, there are friends who will remain there even at your death bed… That is why, when ever you come across people…. Make sure you affected their lives positively, when they leave, they will have something they can never forget about you!

Not all friends are meant to stay forever, some will leave silently and you won’t notice they left you, some will leave you when you feel you needed them most, some will leave if your condition becomes unfavourable to them… Some will also leave you because you took a better decision. Never get too committed to people that you can’t do without them, never give your heart to whosoever! Be the one in charge of your emotions.

One of the biggest decisions I took few years back is never ever to commit myself to a relationship… I came to discover how time and resource wasting it can be… At this stage I shouldn’t be thinking about a lady in the midnight, I should be thinking of my future… Most times, those people we think about in the midnight are not part of our future!

Someone asked me “then how do you get married?” My reply was simple, it sounded unorthodox and funny… I told him “I have friends, I will chose a partner among my friends who against all odds have remained part of my story to that moment!”… And yes!

Don’t let anybody dominate your mind, don’t idolise people… You can still do without them, you can still survive without them, you can still become greater without them being part of your success story! Never let her beauty or his wealth be a criteria for you.

Every man wants a beautiful woman to call his own!
Every woman wants a rich and caring man to call her own!
In the quest to satisfy our selfish desires, we end up never meeting or never recognising that special person that God called out own!

Think about it!



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