“I wrote this article back then in 26th of December 2012. My Facebook friends woke it up again by clicking the like button. I felt a need to re publish it on my blog and mobile application.”

I don’t wanna make this seems like am making a note as done back then at St. Christopher’s Junior Seminary and Winners International School… But I’ve got this very frenzy feelings about the young people, the way they live, the way they think and the way they approach things.

The young people are really very special people created in a reoccurring advanced era to make known the word of God from another dimension. Every young person is always born into what did not use to exist before in the youthful time of their parents…. Therefore, there is something modern about each generation of youths.

The life we live, the music we play, the cloths we wear and everything about us have many things to do with our future. If we approach things from a negative aspect we definitely will have problems trying to make things right.

Youths love relationships, money, laptops, blackberry, Iphones, android devices and so many sophisticated things but when it comes to the things of God we sigh heavily ”am ain’t that religious type, its for old people”. Taking Facebook as a case study, most young people wants to be noticed, they take shots of hundred pictures and really want the pictures to appear so neat and sexy, they want to see millions of comments and thousands of followers, but the truth is, we are just very far from the reality.

God is still very important in our lives, we must be mindful of that fact. Scores of youths says they must enjoy their youth and then become churchgoers perhaps at their fourties; but I tell you, the best decision you can make is to serve God now.

I am an example: very long time ago, I wanted to be noticed, I wanted to be very popular and I wanted to be be a boyfriend of the most beautiful girl on earth which I believed would probably lead to beautiful marriage. Back then I felt so inferior. Talking to girls was  burden to me for I thought it would be hard since I did not belong to the “high-class”. I had a wonderful talent, I knew that but God! I was so stupefied by believing I was inferior.

I took all my talents for granted and considered myself one of the most unlucky people in the world. Every day I spend time on the internet searching for a perfect friend, inside of me I was deeply lonely. people turned me down not because they wanted to but because I personally don’t believe in my self.

But one day after I joined Young Anglican Crusaders, I began to understand myself the more, I realised I am worth a billion dollars and I met people who were very ready to celebrate me. YAC became my home, I met people who were ready to be my friend. I became addicted to the YAC ministry.

I published my first book ‘The Reality’ and made the second one ‘The Love story of Christ’ among several other unpublished works and scripts. I looked up to the heavens, I looked around me…. All I could find was GOD.


   Every young person must not be perfect but we are all special. No matter your level, no matter how poor you are, you can still be the best. I am passionate about the young people that I had to distribute my second book free.

We all love to be noticed, to be loved and to be cared for. Some young people are living careless life not because really He/She is bad but because they are in the quest of finding solutions to the deep loneliness they feel within them! As a witness of rejection I know what I almost got my self into just to be loved. Let us always have God in mind, let us always believe that we can still be used by God. Let us put hands together and fight immorality.

We have to make right choice of friends for a brighter future and not necessarily by facial appearance. One of the things that made me believe in myself was confiding in right friends. Learn to be open to people, learn to accept people no matter their tribe or levels. The only solution to the emptiness we feel within is “confidence in a God who cares”. 1 Peter 5:7


1. Making friends with celebrities does not change anything about you.
2. Posting nude pictures and looking sexy can only brings the wrong people closer to you.
3. Avoiding poor and ugly fellows keeps you away from learning the other side of life.
4. If nobody talks about you, talk about yourself, you are somebody.
5. Don’t look for people that will only take you to joints, look for people that will take you to libraries, church, seminar and by so doing, you draw closer to God.
6. Do not be carried away be things that does not matter. Blackberry, Ipad, Tablets, Laptops and money does not really matter. What matters most is your future.
7. Do not be an example of shame. It is a shame that after flirtiing around, you end up in a man’s house where you can’t even be heard.
8. Always believe in your self.
9. Belive in others.
10. Realize that you can get best friends without unnecessary being an extrovert.

The future belongs to youth, but whom is youths going to belong to?

George O.N loves you!


Your comment concerning this will be highly appreciated!

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