We are adding a new feature to George’s Diary and Geonnad Blog! Aside it’s daily devotionals and life changing teachings, we are going to be running a monthly show!


Do you have a friend, baby, children, life partner, siblings or colleague? Do you think they are stunning enough to appear on George’s Diary and Geonnad blog? Are you personally good to go? Remember, do not underestimate yourself! You are beautifully made!

Send us your stunning pictures or that of your friend that you feel is cool to appear on George’s Diary!

When you get hundred likes, you can win big on George’s Diary!

Send along with the following information:

1. Name
2. Nationality
3. Status
4. Date of Birth
5. Likes & Dislikes
6. Favourite quotes
7. Phone number (optional)
8. Christian Denomination (optional)
9. Articles (optional)

Send your details to the following email address
geonnad@gmail.com or funtricknigeria@gmail.com

We will get it published!

Pictures are published on first come first serve! It is absolutely free!

To enhance your chances of winning, you are advised to send us feed backs from George’s Diary right on your android phones! Or alternatively like our Facebook Page “George O.N”

Your submissions are subject to regulation! We will not publish nude pictures of pictures that contains erotic contents!

We will not publish blur pictures!

Let’s roll it!
Let the submission begin!

Remember, first come first serve! Submit your picture at geonnad@gmail.com or funtricknigeria@gmail.com

For more information, call +2348139700528

Download George’s Diary now! Click here to download!


Your comment concerning this will be highly appreciated!

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