Nikki had always wanted to be a good daughter, she had good grades while in college and she was recommended to one of the best universities in the US. All her life, she had professed her love for her parents and by so doing she willingly abided by all the “don’t let boys touch you” rules. Having grown up in a religious community of the Philippines, she also imbibed good morals. By definition, she was just a good girl added to her beauty! Some said she was perfect!

Nikki received a strict parental training anyway. Every week her mother would question her and say “I hope you’ve not allowed any man have sex with you? Once you do it, you become worthless!…. Are you still a virgin?” and her father will cut in “See Nikki… All your siblings got married as virgins, I married your mum while she was still a virgin… You shouldn’t break that tradition. Once you let a man touch you, you’ve sacrificed your body to sin”. With that, Nikki was always frightened to have boys around her, she cherished her virginity more than anything. One of the articles she read in the Church said “once a woman have sex with a man who is not her  husband, there is tendency that the woman is actually having sex with the devil”. It all scared her!

But while in the US, Nikki was beginning to see life  differently. She met different kinds of people with different kinds of belief! In fact, one of her lecturer-friend really tried convincing her on the invalidity of God. Well, Nikki was a moral girl but even though she owe much credit to the religious background of her upbringing she was not so much interested in God right from her childhood and so it didn’t sound so strange to her! She only went to Church as a sign of obedience to her parents. No one would talk her out of attending St. Augustine Parish every Sunday, not because she had so much interest in God but because she did not want to disappoint her parents.

Nikki had a decent life in her first year at the US, she remained a virgin inspite of the pressures coming from Tim, her supposed boy friend. During her second year, she met Keira. Keira was a beautiful girl who lives a carefree life, she is daughter to one of the biggest names in California. After some time, Nikki agrees to move in to Keira’s apartment. Even with the kind of life Keira lived, Nikki noticed one thing. Keira doesn’t have boy friends and she doesn’t care to have one.

“I mean… Are you this good?” Nikki opened up one day
“Yes girl” she smiles “I am still a virgin” Keira bragged
“I don’t understand…. But you have lots of adult videos in your iPhone” Nikki wanted to be sure
“You see… One thing can make you enjoy sex and still be a virgin, it is lesbianism” Keira told her “So you can still have your parents trust while satisfying yourself”

Nikki have heard of Lesbianism and sex toys before but she simply have never taken time to think of it or what it mean and do. Meanwhile, Nikki had always wanted to explore her sexual life…. After sometime, Keira was able to convince her on becoming her sex partner since her only fear is her virginity! Nikki’s parents told her nothing about same sex, they told her nothing about STD’s, they told her nothing else about sex apart from “run from men to save your virginity”.

Do you know? According to the Webster Dictionary ” an unmarried woman” can be referred to as a virgin despite her previous sex records?

In the 21st century, a virgin is not a female who have not had sex with a man. That definition has to change. Some lesbians parade and deceive themselves with the slogan “we’re still virgins” because they have never touched a man before. Truth is, parents should not only tell female children to stay clear of men so that they can remain virgins. Teach them to stay clear of bad influence which includes man, woman, animals and even sex toys. Lets teach our little ones basic “sex education” and save their sexual orientation from unnecessary manipulation when they go out to the public. Many girls where lured into lesbianism with the lies that they remain virgins as long as they don’t have sex with men. I’ve had cases of young girls come up to say they became lesbians in Secondary Schools. Homosexuality is not caused by demon possession as widely believed… It is caused by mental manipulation from childhood. We can put blame all on devil but Parents played a part. Homosexuals are not demon possessed… They were simply brain washed and they grew with it.

Let me tell you, no one was born a gay or lesbian… We must stop deceiving ourselves and tell ourselves the truth! Parents contributed to the menace by cheer overlook of their children and ignorance. People simply became homosexuals by addiction and tender age sexual re orientation. Right from secondary school, I have come across 6 homosexuals and they would tell me the same thing “don’t be afraid, nobody will get pregnant”… If I engaged in the act, I would be addicted and grow up as a homosexual.

Finally, parents should give children more reason to abstain from every sexual activity than just preserving virginity. It is very great to be a virgin but that shouldn’t be the only reason to abstain from sexual immorality! It can go a long way to help those who already found themselves in the act. If we must avoid sex just because we are virgins, it means that if we tamper with our virginity, we are permitted to continue having sex! Virginity is important but parents should stop making it seem as if virginity is the only importance and relevant reason why one should not engage in sexual activities before and outside marriage. If remaining virgins is the only reason we must not have sex, what happens to the young one who already went the wrong way?

NOTICE: The above story including all characters mentioned is fictional. Any similarity of whatsoever is coincidental. More info: +2348139700528


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