Whenever you go into a house, greet the family right away with the words, ‘May there be peace in this house.”
Luke 10:5 GW

Peace results from trusting and casting our burden to the Lord through prayers and thanksgiving. Notwithstanding, many are requesting God’s peace so that their anxiety will leave. But it doesn’t work in such way. We first of all cast our burden to him through faith and it results to peace. Peter wrote

“casting all your worries on him, because he cares for you.”
1 Peter 5:7 WEB

We must cast our worries to Him first and forget them there at His feet! Some Christians feel the absence of peace from God because they have not really cast their worries to Him. Every Christian have peace from God because it is a fruit of the Spirit that is present in our regenerated spirits. Worries can only distract us from the peace of God. The moment we cast our worries to God, that is the moment we can notice God’s peace and concern.

Worries can only last when a person is carnally minded. To be carnal does not mean to live in sin, it means to live with our five senses and our feelings. It results to death. In other words, to be spiritually minded does not just result to life, it is life itself. You cannot be spiritually minded and you are still over powered by the concerns of this earth. We must trust the word of God and its saving power, we must dominate ourselves with truth of God’s word. It can only lead to peace.

God’s peace does not come because we deserve it neither does it come because we cried or fasted enough, whoever tries by self effort to obtain peace from God will not find it. Human peace is different from God’s peace, human peace can only be experienced in the absence of problems and those who trust in human peace don’t experience it often. But on the contrary, God’s peace is independent of circumstances and is greater in supply than any problem one can ever have. God loves us and wants us to live joyously.

Confession: I look beyond circumstances, I refuse to notice problems. All my burdens are no longer mine because at the feet of the master I lay them down. Glory to God for giving me an unending supply of peace.


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