A young man once asked me when I brought him to All Saint’s Cathedral of the Diocese on the Niger

“All this beautiful structures, what is the need? Can’t they use the money used in building these to help the needy in the Church?”

My answer was very simple and short, I told him

“In All Saints Cathedral, everyone has something to give.  We don’t have beggars, we have givers. Givers will always have something to give”

That will lead me to make a small exposition on a portion of Paul’s writing to the Philippians (Philippians 4:18-19)

The Philippine Christians gave to Paul. Remember, Paul wasn’t a beggar but a man of God! They gave him to a point that he had to publicly declare his asset

“Chai! I have all I need!”

Even after they gave Paul what he needed, they even over-gave that Paul had to add in his letter

“I have more than I need”

Paul acknowledged that such giving is a sweet-smelling sacrifice to God. He then prayed for the Philippian Christians

“The Lord shall supply all your needs according to His riches in heaven”

The riches in heaven is endless and if God should bless one with such riches it means unending! I want to explain something here… Salvation cannot be bought with money and Jesus did not die on the cross so that people can stop giving! Jesus died so that our relationship with God can become very intimate without blemish and if truly we have been saved, our mentality towards giving our offerings and sowing seeds can change too! 

Giving is a principle that shouldn’t be questioned. They gave to Paul who isn’t a beggar, even when Paul had all he needed he still received more! There was no place Paul asked them to stop giving to him!

What about beggars in the Church? Let me clearly point out that a giving-church cannot have beggars! The profession called begging is highly unchristian! How many Christians are truly beggars?

Who is a beggar? A beggar is someone who lives by begging. But Jesus said

“It is better to give than to receive”

A giver will always receive and yet give again but a beggar will always beg and beg again! Have you ever seen beggars who sit in Church gates give offering? No! They don’t! Not because they don’t have what to give but because they don’t want to give. Many other Christians who feels the Church should rather help them to boost their business rather than engage in other projects do so too out of self! Truth is that, we don’t have the needy in our churches as much as we project it!

I am not trying to say that Christians should neglect giving to the poor but poor Christians (Christians who thinks they are poor) must also understand that they are not exempted from giving. People need to stop arguing concerning the kind of car a man of God drives and the kind of house he lives in. It shouldn’t stop us from giving!

Remember, they gave Paul to a point Paul needed nothing and yet they continued to give him! They never asked questions like the Christians of today do, they kept giving and Paul blessed them with an unending blessing that comes from the riches of God in heaven because they also gave Paul beyond what he needs.

Giving doesn’t guarantee salvation, giving is not a law but a principle principle! It is a law of nature and not the law of Moses! Remember, we are no longer the law of Moses but as long as we are on earth there are natural laws set in motion by God on earth! Giving started from the beginning! Abel gave to God when there was no law and God was pleased with him! Abraham paid tithe even when there was no law!

Jesus said “Give and it shall be given to you! Good measures, shaken together, pressed down and running over!”

What does that mean? It means that as a giver, you’ll receive what you have given and you’ll receive even beyond that. Now, do you know what “running over” means? It means you will receive an unending blessing. Jesus was talking about “Givers”. A giver is someone who is giving and a beggar is someone who is begging! It doesn’t mean a giver cannot ask for help, he may ask for help, he may even ask for some money but he doesn’t live by that! He doesn’t live by begging, he doesn’t live by being dependent on a man! But a beggar will always beg, he can only survive by begging!

Everyone can be a giver, until you start giving you may not end remaining a beggar.

So, it doesn’t matter how big your local church has grown, don’t stop giving your offering, tithes and seeds. First, don’t give out of fear… give out of love! The bible says afterall “there is no fear in love”.



Your comment concerning this will be highly appreciated!

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