WORSHIP: Beyond Sunday Routine and Rituals


“But the Lord is in His Holy temple. Let all the earth keep silence before Him” — Habakkuk 2:20

Many times, I have witnessed some emotional attachments that accompanies people’s view towards the Church buildings and sunday worship. Many even take the building more important than the real church. Before we proceed, I want to clearly say that one can’t be a good Christian by neglecting Church services and Christian meetings. Inside the Church building you may hear someone whisper near you

“Hey! Shhhh, this is a church… close your eyes” “You can’t enter God’s holy place without covering your hair, don’t you know God is here?” “Come on, don’t chew gum in God’s presence, don’t you have respect for God?” “You shouldn’t wear that to Church, you may wear it else where. If you can’t wear it to meet the President, you shouldn’t wear it to meet God” “Be in the mood of worship” “Come and tap from the anointing in the Altar, God’s presence is there”

These and many more are very common in our Churches! They are wonderful ideas and thoughts that comes as a result of the general statement that we hear in the Church “This is God’s presence”. The physical Temple used to be the house of God, but not anymore! The Altar used to be the place where God’s presence was seen but not anymore! Those ideas of the Church building as the house of God have done more harm than good! As a result, people feel those are all that matters. Today, we will look at some collections that best explains the new testament worship!

☆ You’re not in the temple of God anymore, you’re God’s temple! 1 Corinthians 3:16

☆ You don’t just come to Church to worship, you come with worship and for worship!

☆ The True Church is not a building, the true Church is us!

☆ The Altar is not a place of God’s presence, you’re the living ARK!

☆ You don’t be in the mood of worship, you live a life of worship!

☆ You don’t worship God on Sunday, you worship Him everyday!

☆ Sunday worship is good, everyday worship is better!

☆ The Lord shouldn’t only be repected in the temple, He should be respected in your family, office, school and many more!

☆ If you can’t wear a particular dress to Church, you shouldn’t wear it anytime!

☆ We don’t meet God in Church, we come to Church because we met God.

☆ If you don’t worship God on saturday, you are not in good shape to worship on sunday.

☆ All those images in Church are not only lifeless, they are powerless and have no connection to God, not even to the saints. – Habakkuk 2:19b

Let me explain that Habakkuk 2:20
“The Lord is in His Holy Temple…”

It maybe possible that Habakkuk didn’t even understood the indepth meaning of what he wrote. You see, sometimes we sing what we don’t know in songs, we preach what we don’t know and we write what we don’t know. It is not like we are entirely ignorant of them but we only have a partial knowledge or revelation concerning it.

The temple that Habakkuk talked about is not and was not the temple that Solomon built for the Lord, it is the believers that Habakkuk was talked about. So we can safely say

“The Lord is in us…”

How do we figure out if that was what Habbakuk meant? If it was the Jerusalem temple he wouldn’t have added “Let all the earth be silent before him”, it would have been “Let all Israel…” Paul was right when he said “Christ in us, the hope of Glory” Paul also wrote “You are the temple of God” Now, worship will make a different meaning to you if you understand that God doesn’t dwell in man-made buildings. When we come together in Church services, we are not coming to meet God, we are coming with God in us and those who are yet to believe will feel the manifest presence of God! Not because God is present but becaus we are present with God in us! The Church means the body of Christ and we are that body of Christ! Every Church service ought to be accompained with power because we are the carriers of Divinity.

When you come to Church meetings, feel free to worship God in an intimate level. Remember, we come to Church with worship and for worship.

Remember the words of Jesus to the Samaritan women

“…you no longer need to go to the mountain or the temple. Those who worship God will worship Him in truth and spirit”

PRAYER: Lord, let my whole life be engulfed in the aura of you!


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