ATTENTION PLEASE! : Concerning my previous posts on “DELIVERANCE”

*all scripture reference is indicated on a separate section


I want to clearly explain what I mean when I say that a Christian doesn’t need deliverance anymore! I meant that a Christian doesn’t need deliverance from demon possession anymore. I may not have been very careful enough to specifically point it out in an understandable manner (I know I did anyway).

Do not misread me… I said “you don’t NEED deliverance as a Christian”… There is a difference between “NEED”, “WANT”, “HAVE” and “EXPERIENCE”! A Christian can want deliverance but it doesn’t mean he needs it because he already has it! A Christian can even experience deliverance after a prayer section but it doesn’t mean he never had it! What makes Christians want deliverance is because he never knew he was already delivered and as a result may not experience it since he is ignorant of it. Again, ministries that are only dedicated to deliverance from demons goes further to make Christians feel there is need for other forms of deliverance which therefore gives way to misconceptions. Deliverance is a package that came with salvation. Deliverance means the same as salvation, liberation and all that! It was all gotten from a Greek word “Sozo” and “Soteria”.

Let’s roll it!

I have met many Christians been advised by preachers to come for deliverance from witches and wizard that has been living in them! I have watched series of programs where a Christian is declared possessed by a demon and of course which has facilitated deficiencies in their lives. I have witnessed Christians trying to wage war against foundation curses working in their lives! All these practices are unbiblical. Once a man is in Christ, generational curse disappears, foundation problem becomes a thing of the past, and demon possession becomes impossible! Why? Because he is not just in Christ but Christ is in him too!

By saying that, I never meant that a Christian cannot fall sick in this earthly environment; I never meant a Christian cannot experience lack of money in this earthly environment! Christians can be victims of physical hazards and accidents and we shouldn’t question their Christian life because they were victims of such experiences! For example, Myles Munroe died in a crash; some even said maybe he had fallen from faith! That is not true! And yes! A Christian can be delivered from those problems, a Christian can be delivered from sickness but that sickness is not as a result of demon possession, it may be as a result of demon oppression but not possession!

It takes a level of discipline, spiritual maturity and commitment to God’s word to build oneself to a level where he knows who he is! The knowledge about oneself as a Christian has a lot of power over the earthly environment! But, you’ll agree with me that 99% of all deliverance ministries are dedicated to casting out of demons from a believer! Many believers go to such places when things are not moving fine… they have been told that a demon living in them is responsible for their failures! There is no place in the scripture where a believer needs deliverance from the devil! The devil and his cohorts were defeated on the cross the moment Jesus said “it is finished”. The battle was over and another battle resurfaced!

Demons can possess an unbeliever but not believers! Demons can possess a believer who later stopped believing! When a Christian rejects God and stops believing in God, the Holy Spirit will depart from him and that will give way for the demons to inhabit them! Ignorance is what keeps many Christians of the track! They believe they are not good enough, they believe the battle is not yet over and they believe that the redemptive work of Jesus does not cover every area of their lives! — That is the 2nd battle that has resurfaced — THE BATTLE OF THE MIND!

The Devil has launched the battle of the mind so as to deceive Christians and make them believe that the redemptive work of Christ does not cover them completely! That is why some sicknesses can still linger! Not all sickness though! Some Christians may become sick as a result of bad habits, uncleanliness and other similar characters and the devil can corrupt their mind to think that “demons” have possessed them! For example, a Christian can have malaria when infected by a carrier mosquito; a Christian can have complications by drinking infected water! Yet, a Christian can overcome them! The devil can as well through his cohorts cause some Christians to get sick, not by possession but by oppression! The devil can oppress, suppress and depress a believer but he cannot possess a believer!

We don’t wrestle against flesh and blood but principalities and powers! The Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak! Now the demons only concentrate on the flesh… They try to corrupt your mind and if you give in to them, they make you believe God isn’t there anymore! Once you believe God isn’t there, God may no longer be there! So, a baby-Christian may need deliverance from oppression, depression and suppression but cannot need any more deliverance from demon possession… Because we have the Holy Spirit in us!

Still yet, a Christian can prevent the attacks of the devil… not by deliverance! But by knowledge… the devil will flee when you resist him as a Christian. When someone else resists him for you, it won’t take long, he will be back and you may not find someone else to help you! If you know what God had said concerning your situations, it gives you a better ground to resist him! You can only resist the devil by letting him know that you are aware of your rights as a believer… When you are not aware of those rights, you may perish! God’s people perish due to lack of knowledge! Therefore, a Christian may want deliverance out of ignorance but in truth, we were delivered on the cross!

Finally, do you know that although all things worked for good to Jesus, Judas was used by the devil? But that was because Judas never believed in Jesus and he only followed because he was occupying a serious office of the Treasurer. Many are going to Church, presiding over Church duties and going to church everyday but they can be as far as possessed by demon if they don’t believe in Jesus! When you don’t believe in Jesus, the Holy Spirit can not dwell in you.

John 1:5 “Light shines in darkness, and darkness comprehends it not”
John 8:49 “I have no demon in me. For I honor my Father — and you dishonor me”
John 8:36 “So, if the Son of Man sets you free, you’ll indeed be free”
John 6:63-67 “Only the Holy Spirit gives eternal life. Those born only once, with physical birth, will never receive this gift. But now I have told you how to get this spiritual life but some of you don’t believe me… Jesus knew from the beginning who didn’t believe and knew the one who would betray Him”
Ephesians 1:14 “His presence within us is God’s guarantee that he really will give us all that he promised; and the Spirit’s seal upon us means that God has already purchased us and that he guarantees to bring us to himself. This is just one reason for us to praise our glorious God”
Ephesians 1:22-23 ” And God has put all things under his feet and made him the supreme Head of the Church — which is his body, filled with himself, the Author and Giver of everything everywhere.
1 Peter 5:8-9 “Be careful – watch out for attacks from Satan, your great enemy. He prowls around like a hungry, roaring lion, looking for some victim to tear apart. Stand firm when he attacks. Trust the Lord; and remember that other Christians all around the world are going through these sufferings too.”
1 John 4:4 “Dear young friends, you belong to God and have already won your fight with those who are against Christ, because there is someone in your heart who is stronger than any evil teacher in this wicked world”
1 John 4:15 “Anyone who believes and says that Jesus is the Son of God has God living in him, and he is living with God”

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