GOOD NEWS: You’re Not The Worst

Nobody is better than you! You may have committed the worst sin but nobody is better including I and many big names in ministry! Romans 3:23 made it clear. No one is righteous, not even one! (Romans 3:10)

Sorry if its sounds embarrassing… I would want you to read this when you have the time. Being born again doesn’t mean wearing long skirts, not wearing trouser, skipping make ups and wearing big head ties. Being born again doesn’t mean going to church every sunday, attending all christian meetings and praying in the morning and night before bed!

Many do those things but they are not born again and it doesn’t make us to be born again either! To be born again simply means to ask Jesus to be our personal Lord and Savior… It means accepting the fact that you were wrong but Jesus is right and that Jesus has paid the price for all your wrong doings.

The Bible said in John 3:16, for God so loved the world (you and I, even while we were yet sinners) that He gave his only begotten son (to pay the penalty of our sins even when we never requested for it) so that whosoever (everybody on earth including the worst sinner) believes in Him (believes in Jesus as the Son of God and the remedy for our sins) he will not perish (go to hell) but have eternal life (the God kind of life).

I wouldn’t want to go further quoting scriptures but I will use few other scriptures to supplement this. From the previously quoted, you will discover that you never requested for Jesus to die for you but He did, we never loved God but He already loved us so very much! (1 John 4:10)

Initially, we were supposed to be condemned for our wrong doings but Jesus was condemned in our place. Our wages were supposed to be death but God gave us the gift of life (Romans 6:23). We are only required to accept that we are not good and only God is good, that Jesus has paid for all our sins and that Jesus is now lord over our life…. Only that believe can save anyone from hell! He died in our place! Isaiah. 53:5

To be born again doesn’t mean to stop stealing, someone may not steal or fornicate and yet they are still not born again and they are prone to be condemned in hell! Another may steal fornicate and then realizes and believe that Jesus has paid for her wrong doings, that she is bad but God is good… She is saved! What then am I saying? We become good because we are saved but we are not saved because we are good! Christ died for us not because we were good but because we were sinners. (Romans 5: 6,8)

Self-righteous people don’t go to heaven, it is those who are righteous by the act of divine-impute that make heaven! It begins by we acknowledging that we have sinned but that Jesus was righteous and he was killed for our sake! Your sins even without your notice was nailed to the cross. No Angel is following you around to keep record of your sins. (Colossians 2:10-20)

Many people will go to hell not because they committed mortal sin but because they didn’t believe in the finished work of Christ. Many Others will go to heaven not because they did not sin but because they believed that Jesus has paid the everlasting price for sin! Just believe my report (Isaiah 53: 1-12).

Once you believe, you will begin to see it work in your life! If it doesn’t work that is because you don’t believe… If you believe that means it will work. What we don’t believe cannot work for us and we cannot have what we have not accepted! If you have accepted Jesus, then you’ve been delivered from darkness to light! (Colossians 1:13, John 1:5)

Redemption is only in Jesus! Not in our goodness, our decent dressing or our decent life…. (Ephesians 1:7)

You can only make heaven if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is your Lord and believe in your heart that Jesus has been raised from the dead by God! That confession and believe alone makes you a heavenly candidate (Romans 10:9). You musn’t stop confessing the Lordship of Jesus over your life, to ensure that you’re not distracted by the indoctrinations of this world (Hebrews 10:23).

Then, does that mean we can go on sinning? No! You have to learn to live out your new life! Jesus expects you to love people as he’ve loved you. (Ephesians 5:2)

But, even if you do sin and stumble, God is away from you! Jesus is right there interceding on your behalf! You’ll no longer be judged by the punishments attached to the laws including the 10 commandments because Jesus has set you free from that law! (Romans 8:2). You will be judged by the law of spirit and truth! What is that law? If thou shall confess with thy mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in thy heart… You shall be saved!

Are you blessed by this? Do you want to officially become born again since you’ve known what it means? Visit the link to pray the salvation prayer ( or inbox me @ or call +2348139700528…

If you’re already born again, hallelujah, you can forward to someone else to read and be blessed!

I am your brother and Friend
George O.N


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