LECTURE: Anglican’s Relationship with other denominations through The YAC Ministry.

When we say that the Anglican Church is VIA-MEDIA we are saying it stands in between the gap that separates the Orthodox Churches and the Pentecostal Churches…. In other words we can say The Catholic Church and The Protestant Churches.

Orthodox Churches are main-stream churches which part of them claims to have Apostolic Succession and claims to be Catholic. The Orthodox Churches includes The Eastern Orthodox Church, The Roman Catholic Church, The Presbyterian Church, The Methodist Church and still counting.

Pentecostal Churches are churches that claims to possess and know more of the Holy Spirit. They emphasis on the Holy Spirit, some of them are highly evangelical, while others are either Charismatic or just Pentecostal. These Churches are sometimes known by speaking in tongues, healing of the sick, raising of the dead and other kinds of miracles!

The Anglican Communion is part of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church which in my own view includes every believer in the face of the earth irrespective of their denominations. Anglican is called via-media because it is both fully pentecostal and full catholic and apostolic. That is why, the Anglican Church sees every baptism done in the name of Jesus in any Church as valid, the Anglican Church sees every confirmation as the same only that one has to denounce unbiblical dogma like the purgatory and the worship of relics to be in full communion with the Church.

The Anglican Communion has been in for front of ecumenical dialogue! In some countries, The Anglican Communion through its various provinces is now in full communion with The Methodists, Lutheran, Presbyterian and Old Catholics of Utretch (I stand to be corrected). Some Anglicans are highly Catholic while others are highly evangelical! The Anglican Communion believes itself to be a communion of independent Churches that shares common history and doctrine with the Archbishop of Canterbury as its ceremonial or spiritual overseer.

The YAC ministry is a youth ministry in the Anglican Communion. It stands on the via-media nature of the Church and takes advantage of it to reach out to young youths beyond the four walls of the Anglican denomination. It doesn’t contradict the Anglican doctrine as it doesn’t contradict the Bible. Members of this ministry includes Pentecostals, Evangelicals, Methodists, Catholics and even Adventists! The YAC ministry is a vibrant ‘Holy-Spirit’ based ministry where even the worst young person is welcome… You’re welcome Home! YAC is hoped to function at a global level. YAC Nigeria is currently in major parts of the South-East and Some parts of South-South and South-West of Nigeria… We hope to break new grounds soon!

The YAC Ministry has raised people who are Anglican Pastor, Pentecostal Pastors, Bishops and general overseers! Just like CMS that planted the Anglican Church in Nigeria, the YAC ministry is bent on using the Jesus ‘GO’ Mandate (JGM) to bring young people of all works of life into the sheep fold of God’s kingdom!

To locate a YAC ministry nearest to you or to join our online fellowships send an email to theyacministry@gmail.com or call +2348139700528


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