Burning Bush & The Beggar


Discovering that the bush was on fire without it getting burnt was something else for Moses! Up there was a serious fire outbreak… Not on a tree but in the entire bush! The picture often painted to us is a tree or plant on fire but no! It was a bush! How come he wasn’t feeling the heat? What sort of fire was that? With all these in mind, Moses couldn’t just go away but come close to investigate and alas! There he found God.

God often uses things to get our attention!

To Moses, God used a burning bush to get his attention and speak to him. Moses was never afraid although perturbed by the fact that a bush was ablaze and yet not burning. The moment he learn it was God, his face felled in reverence, in awe of God’s presence. It wasn’t the light, nor the bush that compelled him… It was the knowledge of God’s presence.

The woman whistled her way, cat-walking to the well to draw water and rest for the day! But she saw a sight she had never seen before! A Jew in the Samaritan territory… Begging her for water! Though he dressed fine, he must be a beggar… But what has the Jews got to do with the Samaritans since there has been a long historic enmity between them! She could have just ignored him, deep her bucket down to draw water and walk out of that place still whistling her song into the streets! But no! She needed to know what propelled this man to ask her for water in spite of who she is… She went further to investigate and she found Jesus!

The Samaritan woman had a similar experience to Moses. Jesus had requested for water just to get her attention. She wasn’t excited about the person of Jesus! Jesus being handsome or good looking didn’t make her raise an eyebrow for once… After all, all she saw at that moment was a well dressed beggar! But the moment she knew it was the Messiah she had been chatting with, she couldn’t just stand there… She ran into the streets like a mad woman preaching about the Messiah! Her passion was born out of sudden knowledge on the person of Jesus.

In the same manner, there are many people we’ve encountered, there are many things we’ve seen that has actually led us to God and there are also things we overlooked because we were not ready to listen to the “burning bush” or “the thirsty man” in the well. Only knowledge can make us notice God’s presence in the least expected place or in the least expected personality! Knowledge comes when we are ready to investigate and listen.

John 8:32 says “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free”

The truth is always there, it is not hidden and it has never been hidden. It can only be recognized and identified when we know it! The moment we know it, we are set free from ignorance! Knowledge comes by knowing and knowing comes by the desire to know. When we desire to know, we will go further to investigate just as Moses went further to study how possible it is for a bush to be ablaze without burning away.

God is right there were you are, speaking through people you never expected him to speak through, showing you things through the very little and most stupid things around! You can only fall in worship when you recognize it was God and you can only recognize him when you are ready to listen to the “burning bush” or the “thirsty man” leaning over the well.

God bless you.

Further reading: Exodus 4:1-17, John 4:4-42

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