MUSIC: “NO END” – Felicia


“NO END” – Felicia

Felicia has come up with her gift for you this Easter season!

The awaited song is finally out! The song talks about Jesus and His endless kingdom! It is one of the best songs you will ever listen to! Download “NO END” now!!! You sure do need it this Easter season! Don’t be greedy… Download and also get your friends to do the same!



INTRO: eh eh yes…..
This beginning has no ending
He has no end (echo)
Eeh he has no end x2
He has no end
He has no end x2
(this king has no end) he has no end
(that’s just the way he is) he has no end x2

VERSE: Worship Him
The one, the sun,
And the moon, and the stars
Lean on for light
And to Him, who’s amazingly
Awesomely, incredibly
Great to be praised
(all Repeat x2)

CHROUS: Hallelujah
Alpha and Omega
The fourth man in the fire
The One who was and is and is to come
I am
High and lofty king
First born from the dead
Of his kingdom
There shall be no end
Oh oh oh oh (That’s just the way He is
His kingdom will never end)
Oh oh oh oh
(oh am in love with you yeeeea)

VAMP: hallelujah (all) worship him
Hallelujah (all) he has no end x2
That’s just the way he is (all) worship him
His kingdom will never have an end
(all) he has no end
Hallelujah (all) worship him
This beginning has no end
(all) he has no end x2
I pledge my allegiance to you yeeea
(all) worship him
Oh king that last From age to age
From age to age

BRIDGE: kings and Kingdoms come and go
But you remain from age to age
(all) No end
Eeeeeeeeeh yea
Kings and kingdoms come and go
But you outlive everyone of them
Highly lifted up (all) no end
(Repeat Chorus x2)

Of his kingdom there shall be no end x4.


Download here


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