No apology! Women are equal with men, no controversy! Don’t argue it with me and don’t even bother about trying to give me a different opinion… I don’t need it, the world don’t need it and even animals don’t need that opinion!

I was in a Cafe when I overheard a man complaining loudly, he talked about how the school system has been spoiling the women with their gender equality teachings. He accused education of being the reason why women are no longer submissive, he said education in Africa needs to be totally overhauled and that some teachings must be denied the African women and girls. He went on to rant and whine until he got tired. Well, his ranting didn’t actually give surprise because every day of my life I do meet his kind on daily basis. What gave me concern was one young girl who gave in to this man’s indoctrination; she said “Sir, I agree with you. Gender equality teaching is irrelevant in Africa… we are just so weak and feeble. We only need a man who can take care of us and that’s all!”

What a cheap way to convince lazy girls! Lazy girls need men who can take care of them but wait a second! Did God create man to take care of the woman? No! God created woman to take care of the man! In that regard, the woman is stronger! It takes a stronger hand to take care of something. Let’s look at it the Bible way,

The LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.””- Genesis 2:18

In the past, people have had a poor and limited understanding of the word “helper” which is used in reference to the first woman. Many people have thought that the word implied that the first woman and all women in general, were designed by God to be nothing more than auxiliaries (i.e. subordinate assistants) to men. Moreover, it was thought that this assistance was limited to taking care of the family and the house, and catering to the needs and demands of the husband.

In English, the word “help” has a broad range of connotations. “Help” can refer to a simple, modest act, or it can refer to something much more vital and significant. An example of vital help is the assistance provided by doctors. In Hebrew, the word for “helper” used in Genesis 2:18 and 20 is ezer (pronounced “ay-zer”), and it is always and only used in the Old Testament in the context of vitally important and powerful acts of rescue and support. According to R. David Freedman, the word ezer is a combination of two roots, meaning to rescue/to save” and “strength”.

The word ezer is used twenty-one times in the Old Testament. Twice it is used in the context of the first woman. Three times it is used of people helping (or failing to help) in life-threatening situations. Sixteen times it is used in reference to God as a helper. Without exception, these biblical texts are talking about a vital, powerful kind of help. Yet when ezer is applied to the first woman, its meaning is usually diminished to fit with traditional and cultural views of women’s roles.


In Exodus 18:4 it says that Moses named one of his sons Eliezer, which in Hebrew means “My God is my helper” (Eli = “my God”; ezer = “helper”). This verse goes on to explain why Moses named his son Eliezer: because God had powerfully delivered Moses from Pharaoh’s sword!


The word ezer in Hebrew.  The letters, reading from right to left, are ayin, zayin, and resh. Ezer is pronounced “ay-zer”.

I am not a feminist but most times people accuse me of being one because of my choice of words. However, I don’t really say things that are glaringly obvious with apology and I don’t say it with reserve for the so called respect for stupid traditions, cultures, religious mentalities where women are either forced to agree to who they are not or where lazy women are given reasons why they should be lazy. The first man acknowledged that women are equal to men and God also didn’t make them less! Look at the Churches; it is not usual to find a woman who is the director of the technical department because it is always thought that women cannot reason well hence they can cause technical hitches when they are put into that position. Women are not usually found being the keyboardist, the drummer, the bass guitarist and so on and so forth… The much you can see women do is the violin or the flute! That is not supposed to be so!

God made the women folk to be strong! Talking to the men, Paul said “if you cannot take care of your family, how can you take care of the Church?”… I think I can also rephrase it to make sense to the women. “If you were not made strong, how can you take care of your husband?” If I should begin to quote the scriptures, I will show you various women are were identified by their strength. Most women have decided to agree with the mass opinion about them without reserve! They have chosen to be slaves to men all in the name of being submissive. To be submissive means to be respectful and not to be stupid! When you agree with who you are not that is who you become.

So, learn a skill, study to be a professional and strive to be at the top! In your home be a wife and a mother and in the labour market be a winning fighter and not a looser! Never let the opinions of people weigh you down! Don’t wait for a man who will take care of you, the right man for you is that man who will respect you and give you chances to prove your strength. Don’t just listen to the news and gossip about people, be the one the newscasters will be talking about. You are the change the world is seeking and the world is blessed to have you! Don’t wait for the men to do it all alone; don’t relax because they said you are weak… Be deaf to those stupid ideas that come from the pit of hell! Break free from the shackles of inferiority complex and make the change that is due to you!

Don’t reserve some duties exclusively for the men all in the fears of people’s opinion! The only things you shouldn’t do is to be a father or a husband… But be a leader! The dangers of allowing yourself to be swallowed into the opinions of people who see you as unimportant creatures is that you’ll end up not affecting lives, you’ll end up being a disgrace to yourself and you’ll be lowered into the grave with all those wonderful gifts God has placed inside of you!

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