WAIT AND TRUSTA young man after two months of running a blog expected to start making hunderds of dollars. But to his greatest dismay, even a cent was not paid into his account because his blog was still on the developmental stage. He simply gave up and lost even the few readers he had.

The same thing almost happened to Peter and his colleagues when Jesus met them. Fish was all over the water but he couldn’t catch one. They had almost given up and Jesus came. Do you know? If they had not actually persisted a bit, they might have missed it all.

Many people are like that! They keep trying new things, they keep looking for ways to see results and they don’t wait to see those results. It is like building a house, a builder must continue building till it comes to the stage where people will agree with him that the building is indeed a good one. Peter and his colleagues had been there all night, it was enough reason for them to quit but they decided to wait a little more!

Failing to get results often make people bitter and in the wake of bitterness people tend to treat others without pity. This wasn’t the case of Peter. Jesus demanded to make use of his boat, he could have given so much reasons, he could have told Jesus that he needs to go home since he has been there all night but he didn’t hesitate to make the boat available to Jesus. He didn’t only experience breakthrough, he also received a higher calling!

Even when Jesus had done the miracles, they had to draw the net, it took another commitment and consistency. So many people become lazy at this point, as long as they see that something is turning up, they relax and expect things to just happen it’s own way. Even when it is obvious that you’re succeeding, you must keep doing it big, you must keep working, you must keep doing what you’re doing if indeed you want to experience success.

However, many patient people have failed, many consistent people have failed. Not because they lacked virtue, but because they trusted in their virtue rather than trust in God. God expects us to  exercise various virtue which are evidence and gift of the holy spirit but he doesn’t want us to trust in those virtues, he wants us to trust him and him alone through what Jesus has done.

Peter is often seen as a temperamental personality but he never allowed his temperaments make use of him this time. He could have ignored Jesus and go his way, he would have angrily yelled at Jesus if Jesus persisted. But he didn’t only allow Jesus to have his way, he also trusted Jesus. After trying and failing, Jesus told him to try again. It is justifiable if he yelled at Jesus and say

“are you mad? Don’t you know I am a professional? I have tried it a lot and I know when it’s working or not”. Even if he wanted to sound positive, it could have been justifiable if he said to Jesus ” well… I have had enough patience, I have toiled all night. That’s enough reason for me to catch a fish at this moment.”

He didn’t pay attention to himself, he must have heard Jesus say great things about God which sounds so convincing and true and he must have believed and trusted in God’s ability. Therefore he said to Jesus,

“Master, we worked hard all night and caught nothing, but I will do as You say and let down the nets.” Luke 5:4

He acknowledged their weakness and inabilities but he acknowledged his trust in the words of Jesus. Many misinterpret that verse! Peter acknowledged that while they wouldn’t succeed even after much investment of time and strength, that they are ready to obey Jesus with trust. When he did what Jesus asked that they do, they experienced net breaking and boat sinking miracle!

“When they had done this, they enclosed a great quantity of fish, and their nets began to break;…” verse 6

It was such a great catch that every other fishermen in the scene had to come and join hands to carry it! It was such a blessing a man can’t carry alone, such a blessing that may employ so many unemployed people! At that moment, the status of Peter changed from a failure to a boss! All within a few space of time!

Being a boss of fishermen wasn’t God’s plans for Peter! Out of excitement Peter acknowledged again his shortcomings, he was overwhelmed by such lifting! Last night he was an ordinary fisherman, in the morning he was a failure and the next hour he was a boss who was seeking the services of other fishermen! Looking back to his past, he knew he never deserved it! After all, he don’t pay his tithe, he don’t obey the Sabbath, he don’t do sacrifices and all that! Hear him,

“Go away from me Lord, for I am a sinful man, O Lord!” Luke 5:9

But Jesus couldn’t just help buy smile at him! Yes, Peter never deserved it but Jesus wasn’t looking for men who deserved it. Come to think of it, Peter wasn’t the only fisher in that sea, he wasn’t the only one who had toiled all night and had waited, he was just one among the many! Some fishers who were there were better than him, they paid tithes, go to Synagogue, respect their elders and do all manner of things required of them by The law… But it was the sinful Peter that Jesus choose… Did Jesus stop at just making Peter a great fisherman? No… He said to Peter in verse 10

, “Do not fear, from now on you will be catching men.”

Remember, Peter had automatically become so rich! So rich that his bank account couldn’t contain it! Such wealth that would make a man popular throughout the city! But Jesus said to him that he is going to become a fisher of men from now! That was  a higher calling! That was done thing better than all the wealth and fame he had in those few minutes as a result of the success he had experienced… What did he do? Out of trust again in Jesus he forfeited all those things for a better calling, a better life and a better job. His colleagues were not called individually, if was Peter whom Jesus had interacted with but they too left their job as fishers and joined Peter…

“When they had brought their boats to land, they left everything and followed Him.”

They left everything without looking back and they followed Jesus! Other fishers remained there, they took over the fishes but ignored the giver! Today what is the result? We are still talking about Peter, we see still talking about James and John (who followed Peter) but those fishermen who remained at the sea shores are unknown to this day. From nothing, Peter experienced a net breaking and boat sinking miracle… From that, Peter experienced an earth shaking miracle.

Never be lazy as a result of trust, in your trust, be committed!

Have you been experiencing failure? Are you trusting in your virtue or are waiting in total trust in Jesus? Or are you very successful but feels your success is your making? Don’t forget the rich fool and don’t forget this article!

Your input in the comment box will help others.

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