As I sat at the beautiful hall, I watched people dancing with smiles all over their faces. Even the meanest men in that hall were nodding their heads and stamping their feet. I then looked at the DJ; the MC said he is “DJ Three Wise Men”… I saw three men there but only one was on the mixer and I feel he is the Dj or perhaps they’re all working together. The DJ was busy being creative with his fingers while people kept dancing and making money fly in the air. It was at that instant that something began to occur to me… I was inspired to write this.


The DJ was making music for the pleasures of people, because of what he was able to do with his fingers, he was sought for. The MC of the occasion had charisma that would carry the audience along; he talked with authority and vigour… He had some sense of humour too. Because he would communicate well, he was sought for. I looked at the chef and her team of waiters, I ate her food, it was superb and I smiled knowing she was called upon because she was good at what she was doing. What about the decoration? It was the fifth most beautiful decoration I have ever witnessed apart from the ones we see in pictures and tv. She is absolutely good in bringing her ideas into reality using decoration materials and I knew that was why she was sought for.

I then looked at the people who were making money fly in the air as the ‘just wedded’ couples danced their nupital dance. I saw CEO’s, Directors of great firms and people who have really made lots of money. Someone behind me said “I would love to be like these money sprayers” and at that moment, I decided to make a point out of it.

If the DJ had wanted to become like Dangote, he wouldn’t have ended up making people happy through creative mixing of songs. If the MC had wanted to become an importer, he might have missed being who he was designed to be.


If the Chef had wanted to be a bank manager, she might have never ever make people satisfied through her cookings. We were all  called differently for different reasons.

Truth is that everyone won’t drive the lastest jeep or private jet because everyone isn’t designed to drive them. Everyone won’t wear the most expensive clothes and jewelries because some people are not designed to wear them. It is not everyone that will spread money at wedding; it is not everyone that will become CEO of companies… Why? we’re all created differently and in a special unique way.

You may want to be that man designed to build the best house, drive the best car and wear the best clothes simply because you feel God was being partial by making you fall in the category of those who would be primary school teachers? Do you remember the story of the talents Matthew 25:25-28? The man who was given the minimum talent felt the master was being very unfair and wicked to him, he decided not to make use of it because he was looking at bigger position. He didn’t just lost the opportunity, even the ones he had was taken away from him because he did not make the best out of what was given to him.

This is how many people are losing the opportunities given to them by God simply because they desire to be someone they are not designed to be; No matter how little that gift of God may seem to you, invest it and see yourself expanding. Poverty is not lack of funds but lack of ideas. Some are called to be Pastors, some are called to be computer scientist, some are called to be writers, and some are called to be managing directors. We all have our diverse rolls as believers. Make yourself the best of what you do and you’ll see kings come for your services. 


We are all called differently but whatever you are called to do, make sure you’re fulfilling purpose



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