I wanna make it Short!

There is no possibility to love God and love evil… It makes no sense to engulf yourself with evil and still claim you love God.

The presence is brings about the absense of evil and the absence of God brings about the presence of evil! God is light and life and in Him there is no darkness.

How then can we claim to be in the light and still be walking in darkness. We are not saved by our actions but our actions says a lot about the condition of our heart and mind. Let’s get it straight… Unrepentant sinners are not believers no matter how they claim to be.

What if its addiction you’re suffering from?… Do yourself good and replace that habit with something good. How? By renewing your mind daily with God’s word!
Well, Jesus said “by their fruits, you shall know them”

If you aren’t bearing Good fruit, you surely don’t love God.

#GracefulGeorge #Love #Affection #morals #righteousness


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