As we entered August, I declared it our month of VISION. I didn’t declare it by guessing… I’ve never done that in previous months! I did it based on divine direction.

As a confirmation, I happened to be at the Youth Alive Conference organised by Winners Chapel International at Cannan Land, Nigeria. I actually didn’t prepare for it, I didn’t even knew such program was going on as I only went there to meet someone. Lo and behold, I was caught up with program and I decided to stay back.

It was Bishop David Abioye that ministered and guess what? He also ministered on “VISION”. As he was ministering it seemed as if we discussed together because he was simply confirming lots of things for me. I have listened to Bishop David Abioye from 2013 as much as I could lay hands on his messages and believe me it always inspired me. His humility was actually what made me have soft spot for him. These quotes are based on what he taught today at the Youth Alive Conference…


We are delayed because we lack expectation. The day of your expectation is the day of your answer…

Biological birth leads you to existence but vision leads you to living! Everyone has the right to existence but only visionaries live!

Existence may be stagnant but vision create motion. You cannot have vision and be stagnated.

Vision is the picture of the future. It is not too late to have a vision… Wen you get it, don’t try… Start it!

Visionaries don’t try, visionaries start it up immediately. Visionaries don’t live in the realm of luck because those who live by luck are locked up.

Vision doesn’t want to be something, vision knows already that it is something. Ambition pursues significance but vision is just there already!

Ambition is self driven but vision is God driven! If you call yourself to anything, you’ll do it yourself but if you’re called by God, heaven backs you up!

Vision is a concluded thing but ambition is always at starting stage. Vision is concluded from its foundation.

Vision is about where you’re heading for… Vision is the destination but direction is how to get there. Vision needs direction to be actualized. Jesus is the way.

Vision is the unfolding of Divine plan. There is a divine plan for every child of God. You’re not like others, you’re not in the same mold with others.

If you don’t know you’re different, you’ll never make a difference. Vision is the discovery of God’s purpose for your life.

God determines His purpose for you. Your own duty is to discover it! You’re too small to determine you. You can’t even determine your own self because before you were formed, God knew you. You were completed by God before you were even formed in the womb.

Your parents are simply the courier package through which you were delivered! They did not produce you! God determines you and you discover you!

Benefits of Vision:
Vision discovery terminates struggles of life! Visionaries don’t sweat, they watch things happen. God calls you, He also does it through you.

Don’t pray for success and achievement, pray for fulfillment. Jesus had to run from success in order to maintain fulfillment.

Vision makes you live your life orderly. That leads to safety (Joel 2:7). Vision makes you pursue your goal rather than pursue 10 things at a time! Vision means singleness of eyes! Vision makes you run for a single goal! When you run for different goals, you end up like goat.

Jesus wasn’t an entrepreneur plus preacher… He wasn’t a business man plus preacher, he focused on what he was sent to do and achieved fulfillment.

If you spread to cover so many areas, you may see everywhere, you may be seen everywhere but you’re going nowhere! Vision helps you converge your energy to one single point.

Vision makes nothing else appeal to you!

Vision stirs up faith for exploit!

Money is not what you need, vision is what you need. In the face of vision, money is secondary.

Moses became a one man army because of vision. When Moses got vision, only one rod was his weapon. He needed no appointment to be in the Palace.

When you discover vision, you don’t compete because what you have is so overwhelming. Visionaries don’t copy things! They are original… Vision gives you freedom from competition.

How do I locate my vision?
You must confine your life to be in the midst of visionaries. 2 Chronicles 26:5. Camp around men and women who have visions from God. Joshua got the vision of his life by camping around Moses. Elisha got his by camping around Elijah. Don’t walk with visionless people.

Seek God in prayers. The place of prayer is the place of discovery. Habakuk 2:1-2. Every time you pray, don’t just be talking, be listening. Vision is a mystery, it is spiritual… So, pray in the spirit at all times.

Possess an attitude of greatness.

Vision is like a book, you open it and maximize the content of it.

Seek counsel. It takes one person to see vision but it take more than one person to actualize it! Vision doesn’t mean experience. Proverbs 20:18, 15:22

How do you choose who will counsel you? Find out from people who have results and not from people you are better than.

Understand that it is by God’s power! Zechariah 4:6. Every vision needs divine empowerment and backing.

Jesus started through the empowerment of the spirit. Luke 4:14. Jesus was just a carpenter until after being empowered!

Possess a global vision but start local. Become local champion before becoming global champions.

Take your present stage serious if you want your future stage to become glorious. Think big but start small. Don’t neglect the humble beginning. Genesis 13:16-17. See far but walk from where you are. The journey of 100 miles begins with a step. Prove your vision by taking steps. You don’t wait for time to come, you move into your time. Time doesn’t come to you… You go to time.

Mastering your vision…
Write it down. Pen on paper is like fuel to fire! All major visionaries are writers! In writing, you get clarity. Luke 14:28. Writing makes clear. Without writing you can’t be right. You must think write to think right. Writing will either query or strengthen your vision.

I believe you’re blessed by this… Remember its our month of “VISION”

Feel free to share your thoughts…



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