This is a short articles but very straight to the point…


The society from the ancient times have misinformed women on what their role is both in relationship, business and the community at large. Women have been seen as road side cooks, house cleaners, roadside hawkers and so many petty job experts. Some little insignificant careers have always been left for the women simply because the old tradition made it look like women aren’t significant too. Even our churches often leave the cleaning duties to the women! This has threaten the relevance of women in every circle and has relegated them to the background. Women have been misinformed and therefore they themselves as weak and highly dependent!


If we should use the creation story of Genesis as our reference point (of course I will), the woman was not made manifest until her need arose! She was not designed to be Adam’s pet, she was designed to be the strong woman behind Adam! She was designed to pick up from where Adam’s strength fails him… She wasn’t given much physical strength because adding that to her mental strength makes her become a super-woman that is so different from the man. God balanced His creation by making the woman mentally stronger than the man!


Now women, the society has made you believe you are very weak and highly irrelevant! In the olden days you were made to dance before men and sample yourselves as they choose you like market items! You were made to see yourselves as insignificant personally since a man can decide to marry as much as he wants! You were weakened by the wrong perceptions imported into your mentality! And then… You saw yourselves as someone who needs a man to survive even as a single woman! What a mess!


You are not designed to serve a man… You’re designed to help a man! You’re not designed to bow before men, you’re designed to help man bow before God! You’re not a sex toy… You too have a say! Stop looking sexy and start looking smart! Stop looking feeble and start looking bold but girly! Don’t allow any man use you as a toy because you’ll end where toys end! Guess where? Toys end in the waste bin!


You must wake up and stop seeing yourselves as inferior! You must learn to be self dependent… A man mustn’t take you out… If you have a man in your life, feel free to take him out and foot the bills. A man mustn’t be the one to buy your make ups or buy you call cards! Nothing spoils if you begin to send recharge card to someone too… It is not wrong to buy new clothes for your husband or fiance. A fiance isn’t a financier… Show men that you are not inferior and that you too is worthy of respect. Be the first to buy your husband or fiance birthday stuffs and always make them realise you were sent on a mission to rescue them.

Don’t try buying the attention of a man, be feminine… Always do your “shakara” but not with the mentality that you need a man to take care of you! You don’t need a man to be taken care of, you were created to take care of the man.

That mentality alone tailors your choice of marriage and filter out men who won’t accord you with respect, honour and love. I will write you again…. Get my book “Dedicated to Women”, it will surely kick you to a start!



Your comment concerning this will be highly appreciated!

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