Most stories written about success, fulfillment or greatness are often based on the lives of significant people! People whose names are known, people who commands authority or pull crowds. As a result, everyone wants to do what the known has done because they too want to get known.

Talk about Abraham, Moses, Elijah, Peter, Paul and so many of them, we know all of them and we quote them every time. Our churches are named after lots of them; we give our children their names hoping that at least that would have a little influence on them.

In as much as it is good to talk about the heroes of faith, we must scrutinize our list very well and see if we’ve not been missing some insignificant but great people. This has also affected out orientation. Everyone wants to be significant and known by all… Everyone wants to do what Abraham did; everyone wants to become heroes like them and in so doing many misses the essence of their calling.

Everyone is not designed to command crowd, everyone is not designed to be doctors, lawyers, National Presidents and all! As much as we desire such positions in our lives, it doesn’t mean that is where God wants us to be. There are people God created to be insignificant so that through their insignificance, God’s name will be glorified! I will show us just two places in the bible and I will drop my pen.

I found a shocking story in the bible; it was shocking the moment it made sense to me. Let me share the story with us. Two couples who might have looked for children for years were blessed by a child. As the baby grew up they discovered the child was very blind! They blamed it the doctor, blamed it on the nurses and midwives. They concluded it might be medical complications during birth that turned the baby blind and nothing would be done. After so many years when the blind baby had grown to a blind man, Jesus came to meet him! People blamed his blindness on his sin; others blamed it on the sins of his family. After all said and done Jesus declared

“He was born blind so that the works of God be displayed in Him” John 9:3

I want us to understand this… He was born blind and the purpose of his making was that through his blindness, glory will be brought to God’s name. This blind man also seems to know the purpose of his making. Unlike others, the bible didn’t say he requested for a miracle, the bible didn’t say he was hopeless; he was just a man who was blind from birth. There was no place in that scripture that suggests the man to be hopeless but rather confidence was seen in his actions. His attitude alone towards Jesus command shows he had faith in God.

When Jesus mixed saliva with clay and rubbed on his eyes, the man would have asked questions. When Jesus asked him to go wash his face, he would have told Jesus that he isn’t seeing yet but he obeyed Jesus without questions and in verse 30-33 he was already preaching Jesus to the Pharisees and the big names of the synagogue. He was also persecuted at once for preaching Jesus! His name is not known, he may not significant but he was a great man because through him, God was glorified.

Another story I would like to share is the story of the little boy who gave Jesus two fishes and five loaves of bread. People often expect God to do great things through significant people but Jesus proved that God uses anyone He chooses. All of Jesus’ disciples were insignificant people who came out from nowhere. Jesus was preaching to five thousand men, not counting women and children which would bring a total of more than thirteen thousand persons and at a point, he discovered they were so hungry and he wouldn’t want to send them away in that manner. What did Jesus do? He would have commanded manna from heaven to rain on these people; he would have commanded strength from nowhere to help them get home, make food and eat but in all these Jesus couldn’t act without meeting a certain boy. Why? The little boy was created for that purpose and he was right there. John wrote that Jesus already knew what to do and he only asked the disciples questions on what should be done to know what they would say (John 6:7). It was Andrew who brought a little boy to Jesus; the boy had five loaves of bread and two fishes. This little boy did not object when the bread and fish was taken from him, he simply gave it up because that was the purpose of his making. And through what he had to offer, Jesus fed the thousands… How he did it isn’t our business.

Now you see… The blind man and little boy’s name wasn’t mentioned! They were simply an insignificant fellow whom God created to use greatly! What do I want to drive at? You mustn’t be famous to be used by God; you mustn’t be as good as Paul or Isaiah to be used by God. God can use the pulpit men as well as the pew-men. We must stop expecting God through great people and expect Him to work through any man He chooses to.

You don’t need to significance to be great… Just understand the area God has called you! It may be counseling people, taking care of the sick, doing voluntary work for the church and humanity; it may be leading the children church and all other stuffs. Once you’re open to be used by God regardless of your status and significance, you’ll see yourself become great!

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