We want to make it even much easier for everyone. To purchase George’s materials and other George’s Diary recommended products, you may no longer need to start searching via so many stores! We are now working towards getting it into one place! 


George’s Diary Store is an online store were you can buy inspiring gift items specially designed and produced by George’s Diary partner firms, George’s Dairy Fashion products, George’s Diary books (e.g Dedicated to Women), George’s Diary Dedicate Tablets, Smartphones and other products.


You can also buy T-shirts with inspiring words on them and you can even order for your own personalized items like mugs, plates, diaries, caps, greeting cards and lots more…


You’ll also be able to easily support George’s Diary projects like Interior Mission project and lots more. Your payments are secured with the latest security system and your purchases are billed at your local currency so the fluctuation of dollar will not be able to affect you! Our store site is user friendly and flawless!


Another big plus is that our online store supports over 40 major languages in the world… So, anywhere you are visiting from, we’re already speaking your language.


This is another way we want to reach out to the world!


Every purchase you make in George’s Diary Store, you have automatically given to charity as some percent of the profits goes to charity!


Get ready… In few months, you’ll be coming for the unveiling of George’s Diary Store… the sure place to get what you need for your spiritual and physical life.




Your comment concerning this will be highly appreciated!

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