ALETHEIA: Episode 1

Selfie with I and my guests at the show

ALETHEIA: Episode 1 (Vision & Ambition).

On Sunday, I and my friends had to discuss on Vision and Ambition. We were amazed at the striking difference of the two and how ambition can stop someone from reaching the top!


What made Joseph ran away from Potiphar’s wife was vision and what would have made him sleep with the woman was ambition. Ambition promises success but actually limits you from getting were God has designed for you but vision catapults you to the mountain peak without your effort!


The video is available. Its not formal, its very informal and real… We want you to feel the Spirit of the event.


Very informal, highly educative!


In this insightful episode, you’ll be amazed at the striking difference between Vision and Ambition.


Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel! Episode 2 will come with amazing difference!

Watch Below


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