THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST is without walls and gates, we are designed to pull down the strongholds, gates and walls of darkness to establish God’s kingdom.

The Kingdom of God on earth is on a continuous expansion till Jesus comes. Jesus asked us to go into the world and conquer it and not the world to come into the Church and conquer us! 

The devil has already started fighting in vain… I will be giving us testimonies of how the devil fought in vain and his failure was manifest yet again.

We are not announcing the mission project to get approval from people, we are rather announcing it so that youbsee where your support is going to…

Very soon, we shall be embarking on a greater mission. This time, we are going with group of teachers and other workers… We want to preach Jesus and show Jesus!

We accept your generous support of money, clothes, bibles, English text books, Christian materials, food items and anything your spirit instructs you to give.

Ultimately, we need believers irrespective of denominations, who can volunteer to join us on this mission. We need believers and not necessarily religious persons. 

To support us, call +2348139700528, +2348030688325

#Mission #Project #Jesus #Kingdom #Expansion #GracefulGeorge


Your comment concerning this will be highly appreciated!

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