REVIVAL? Do we need it?

I was listening to Reinhard Bonkee one certain night and he said something that got me off my feet. He said we often ask God for fresh fire as if the one God has given us has gone stale or become junk!


Really? Just like God’s mercies are new every morning, the power of God is new every morning! God’s power doesn’t go down, it keeps going up! Rather, it is us who might be the problem, it is us who might have not been skilled in using the power of God available in us to do what God has designed us to do.


There is nothing wrong with Christianity but there are lots of things wrong with believers! We need revival… A revival that comes from not just knowing the word of God but being ready to apply that word of God! Revival doesn’t come by just praying about it… We have been praying but what kind of prayers? Perhaps, the wrong prayers.


If miracles aren’t happening, it is because we have not taken the step to make it happen. If we’ve taken the step and it still doesn’t happen, it is because we really have doubts!


Is it our job to make God’s powers available? NO! God is always generous and He gives in abundance! There is too much power in the Church, there is too much power in us as believers but why does nothing seem to be happening? I will tell you…


  1. Our churches and Pastors today aren’t looking for souls anymore, they are looking for money! They want to get people because of their money… They put up the best structures. That’s awesome. But inside those beautiful structures, they have only babies and don’t even care if they grow or die as babies. Eventually, these babies becomes Pastors tomorrow to continue raising babies.
  2. Our Churches have built gates of protection and walls! The Church must break down those gates and those walls! God’s power is best seen when we are on the move and not when we are in the confines of our closed gates and walls. The Church is designed to break down walls and gates and never have one!
  3. Our churches left the message… The good news of our Lord Jesus Christ and began to mix it up with all manner of alien doctrines.
  4. Our Churches stopped thanking God and started fighting their enemies! Jesus didn’t ask us to fight enemies, he didn’t ask us to send down fire to destroy native doctors… He asked us to win them to Jesus. If we can’t win them, we allow God to deal with the way he wants.
  5. Our Churches started without their efforts but wants to carry on with their own efforts! God is available whenever we recognise that its only Him that is our strength…
  6. Our Churches became secular business empires rather than kingdom business empires. We have pure water factories, hotels, auditoriums for concerts, super markets, eateries, universities… They are all good! But we have been carries away with the want of money and accomplishments rather than the need of taking the gospel of Jesus beyond borders.
  7. Our Churches are comfortable with where they are. We are too relaxed and never ready to showcase God’s power! Our Pastors prefer to be in the city and compete among themselves rather than in the interior where the gospel of Jesus is still alien.
  8. We trust in our works so much that we have never thought of God’s power.
  9. Love is on a journey. Our churches have lost love for themselves. Pastors mind their pocket before listening to the people and the people mind their picket before listening to the pastors. There is no compassion for people that compels us to stretch forth our hands and command healing!
  10. We are afraid to make the move. We fear that nothing will happen, therefore we don’t have much regards for God’s word. We feel we don’t have enough powers because we are not good enough.
  11. We are used to stereotypes. We expect God to work in certain manner and when we don’t see it happening the way we expect, we even say its not God.


There is more to say but I think these are enough for the moment. God did not restrain his power, we just have restrained ourselves from God’s power. God did not turn his back on us… We rather turned our backs on him by championing ourselves rather than God. 


Do we really need revival? Yes! But you see the kind of revival we need. If your attitude doesn’t change, your altitude will not change. God’s power is not scarce, God’s fire have not ceased… 


We must believe right and act right if we must experience the greater power of God that is always available to us!


God bless you.

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