George and Uche at the Mission project
My faith has never been shaken as now; my emotions have never been traumatized as it is being done now! I have never questioned myself in the manner I am doing now… I feel very bad and awful!


We celebrated the success of the Mission Project we had at Ibeagu Izzi, Ebonyi State. On our way back to Onitsha, we were planning a second mission and we were so optimistic about it! He told me he wants to leave everything and come to Ndikwuda, he told me he wants to live and die a missionary! He told me he is not going to Pastor a Church if it will hinder him from this mission we had started!

Uche preaching to villagers at the mission project

The picture of him dancing and playing the instruments to the local tune of the songs they sung is still fresh! It is still clear how he was ministering to the villagers and promised them that it was going to rain if they ever dedicate themselves to God and it rained as he said! I still remember the jubilation of the villagers over that miracle!


We had strategized ways to go back on continue our mission project and we decided to start immediately Young Convention is over! He was appointed the vice chairman of the conference to assist our amiable brother, Ebuka Mozie. On 11th of August 2016 I was called in the evening by the Sister’s Coordinator of YAC on the Niger to be informed that Ebuka and Uche had an accident while doing some assignments of the ministry! By 9:16pm or thereabout I left for Iyi-Enu hospital where they were admitted. I brought along with me fruits, pop corn, ground nut and garden egg… I felt it wasn’t very serious and I thought we were going to laugh, pray, study and do other things together to shame the devil! 


On getting to the Emergency Ward where they were admitted, I forced a smile to greet Mozie who was conscious of himself but terribly bad. But inside of my heart I was crying, yes I admit it… I cried bitterly. I never loved what I was seeing; it wasn’t supposed to be so. They couldn’t eat what I brought because they were terrible that night. Uche loosed his consciousness on top of that was vomiting everything inside of him. Mozie was very bad too and I was speechless! I laid hands on Uche and prayed for him. I believed God for instant healing… YES, I BELIEVED GOD.


I spent the night with them there but couldn’t sleep for a straight 10 minutes, my eyes were swollen but I just couldn’t sleep. I wasn’t afraid, I wasn’t scared but I wasn’t happy. Looking at my mission colleague, not imagining that such a thing could ever happen, I felt bad. I even felt guilty, I felt there was something I should do I have not done, I felt they had the accident because of me… They were serving the ministry after all! Early in the morning, Uche was scanned and some fracture was noticed in his head causing his brain not to function properly.


In the morning, I prayed with them again and left promising to come back again. Before I could get home, I received a call from Amazing Grace YAC President informing me that Kinsley, a brother and partner in the ministry just died after more than one year of sickness! I almost went crazy but I calmed down. I could hear the devil clearly now, he was laughing and saying lots of rubbish. He was saying something was wrong with the YAC Ministry and with God. He reminded me that I prayed for Kingsley and he died even after the prayers. I felt uneasy and bad but my trust in God was heightened the more. If ever anyone could comfort me at that time, it was God and him alone!

Kingsley… A brother who has gone to be with the Lord too

From Kingsley’s home to the mortuary, from the mortuary we assembled at Amazing Grace for vigil. There was another vigil at St. Philips Ogidi organized by the Diocese but I couldn’t make it there because my pocket had suddenly become empty that day. I preached to Amazing Grace YAC members with the permission of our chapter president using Kingsley as a case study, I asked them to live their lives as if they are leaving the earth tomorrow and see tomorrow as another day of greater exploit on earth! We studied the word of God, prayed for the family of Kinsley and then prayed extensively for the quick healing of our brothers at the hospital. After the prayers, we worshipped God through songs.


The next day, I was informed that Uche has been transferred to Nnamdi Azikiwe Teaching Hospital, Nnewi for brain surgery. I couldn’t go to Nnewi for the same reason I couldn’t go to Ogidi on Friday night. But on Sunday after service and brief officials meeting at All Saints Cathedral, I rushed to Ogidi to visit Mozie. He improved greatly and I praised God in my heart. I left in some minutes and rushed to Nnewi. On getting to the hospital, I was informed that Uche was in the Intensive Care Unit and cannot be accessed by anyone. I met his brother and sister. I also met his spiritual daughter, Grace who has been in the hospital all those while. They assured me that Uche was getting better. I even had great discussion with his brother Sam, we talked about the mission project, we talked about the Young Convention and he told me Uche will join us in the conference to share testimonies of the greatness of God. I was joined in the hospital by some of my brethren from St. Michael and all Angels Church. We prayed, we worshipped and we left for Onitsha in the rain.


Throughout those times, all the assignments I had in All Saint’s Cathedral Youth Ministry was left undone or half done, some of my personal clients were also on my neck over their graphic work that I have not released. On Monday and Tuesday, I decided to rush through some of those assignments believing strongly that Uche is getting better. I asked questions and put some calls through and I was assured that Uche was getting marvelously fine. I was already getting ready for our 2nd mission believing in my heart that Uche will come around again.

The banner and campaign for another mission by George and Uche

Today being 17th of August 2016, I decided to keep office closed. I rushed through some things and was about boarding a ride to Nnewi when I received a beep on my touchlite phone. My main line was off due to the poor electricity situation of the country. I checked and it was a Facebook message from a friend of the ministry. He wanted to confirm if Uche was dead! His message made me uncomfortable and I rushed to All Saints Cathedral! I wanted to get to my office but dashed into the Church. I powered my mobile phone and began to call everyone I know who would be around Uche but they were either not picking or switched off and then I called the same person that broke the news of the accident to me. I asked of Uche’s welfare and she told me he was improving. I smiled and hanged up. I was about calling Arinze who wanted to confirm his death to debunk the news when Ukanne called back to tell me that Uche is very dead and in fact in the mortuary. I couldn’t hold my phone again… I switched off.


Yes! My faith was shaken momentarily; tears filled my eyes as I laid my head on the pew of the church to talk to God in prayers. I could say nothing but “Lord, you know all! I refuse to accept what the devil is saying right now… I still trust you Lord. I may not be able to explain  but Lord you know all. We prayed for his healing… We prayed for his welfare… Lord, I just don’t know what to say… But you know!”

Uche in YAC uniform
My dearest friend whom I have come to love even more after the first mission project, my brother in the lord and my co worker in the vineyard of God. I still remember when you said to me “I have come to understand you George, even if everyone misunderstands you… I think I know you better”

I know you are with the Lord right now! I have no doubt in my heart. I miss you Uche, I will miss you brother! All of us at YAC on the Niger will miss you! The souls you won at Ndinkwuda, Izzi, will miss you! Don’t worry… I will tell them Uche has gone to be with the Lord.
Keep resting in peace… I will join someday… very soon!


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