True Worship… beyond music!

Often times, what we refer to as worship is just the songs we sing but God desires that we grow beyond that! God desires that we graduate from singing heart melting songs to living heart melting lives! Yes, the songs are great but many times people sing without life! There are lots of secular Musics that moves me to cry and there are lots of unbelievers who sing some Christian songs simply because they love slow songs that touches the heart. Of course, God has created that part of us so that we can be able to showcase our emotions of love and desire… But showing emotions that looks like love may really be lust! In the same manner, showing emotions that looks like worship may simply be the psychological effect of slow songs! I am not discrediting worship songs, many of them are inspired by God, many of them come with power! But see, if the devil can quote scriptures inspired by the Holy Spirit and still be devil, many people can sing great worship songs and still remain who they are!


Worship is beyond singing songs, worship is beyond lifting our hands and crying when music is going on in church. Worship is beyond going to Church on Sunday… Worship is beyond the norm!


Jesus looking at the woman of Samaria’s sincerity said to her “the time shall come and is now, when those who worship God will worship Him in Spirit and in truth!” (John 4:23). Only the regenerated spirit can worship God! Only the truth can regenerate the spirit and make it capable of rendering holy worship to God!


There is no other truth apart from Jesus! Jesus stood up among people who have thought they’ve known the truth for a long time to boldly declare “If you have been looking for the way, I am that way! If you have been looking for the truth! I am that truth! Only through me can you come to the father!” (John 14:6)


God enables you by the truth and fills you with Himself (the Holy Spirit). So that you become His oracle, not just as a person who worship Him but also as person who leads people to worship His Majesty! By the act of filling us with Himself, He has activated us to worship, our worship acceptable to Him for it is Him who works in us (Phillipians 2:13). When we speak in other tongues, when we allow God’s word to be seen in us, when we love people around us, when we be on the move for God, when we lift our hands in total surrender to God, we sing praises and focus on God’s goodness… We are worshipping Him!


We do not enter the mood of worship! There is no other mood of worship for a believer than the one that was activated when he became born again! But we get ourselves to worship God by allowing the Holy Spirit to act and move in us! 


We do not come to worship but we come with worship!


Believe me, God inhabits in the praises of His people! Worship is time to go beyond the norm! It is not a concert, it is not a party… It is a moment of deep revelation! It is time to adore him, kneel down before Him and get engulfed in the aura of His manifest presence! Worship time is not a special time but every time!


When we sing songs of worship, we are getting involved in romance with God! It is like a sweet perfume to God… We are singing in words beyond the ordinary and we telling God how much His love has changed us!


When the sick encounters the saturation of His manifest presence, the sickness will disappear! The blind will see, the lame will walk, the eyes of your understanding will be opened and yes!!!! You will grow in Grace!


There is no failure in God… Avail yourself!


What is worship to you? Tell us!




4 thoughts on “True Worship… beyond music!

  1. You have always inspired me by your well articulated and educative posts! What amazes me is how you use the scriptures to challenge the norms! We would love to have you speak to us!!!!

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  2. Awww!!! Thank you Kenny!
    We are committed to teaching believers God’s word with so much simplicity and authenticity! Yes… I accept invitations anywhere in the world as long as it doesn’t clash with my schedules. You might consider using the contact button on the menu of the home page to contact me. Let’s take it from there. God bless you!


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