It is thrilling and full of suspense! This is a short story that melts the heart and yet inspires you! It can be a blessing from you to someone else, it can be a blessing to anyone you feel needs to know the extent of God’s love for them!


The Love Story is an adaptation of “The Love Story of Christ” which was 
distributed free from 2012 until it was out of stock. Because of the continuous demand of this little book by various Churches and individuals, George have decided to present a more comprehensive book and maintain the same flavor and story as seen in “The Love Story of Christ”.          

This time, the book has been strongly enhanced and the story has been developed too without deviating from the same message it passed in 2012.

The Love Story is a George’s Diary project.

The Love Story is aimed at exposing what Christ’s love was and our approach towards that love! Though a short story, you will find it emotional and you will discover a man’s passionate love for a woman who because of greed and un-contentment denied the man and relied on the arms of another man whose aim was to destroy her. What was her fate?

eBook is available for preorder at Amazon Kindle! Search for “The Love Story” by George Onyedika Nnadozie


PaperBack will be available in the United States, UK and Europe by the end of October!!!


Book will start shipping on 11th of September exclusively on Amazon Kindle and partner stores!


The Love Story paperback cover

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