Career is the series of job you do to earn money and every career is expected to improve overtime and get much better! The easiest way to know if you have a career in a certain field is by checkmating its result and progress. If it is improving overtime, then you have a career in it.

Career discovery is a process of finding information about yourself and what you can do. However, we don’t do everything can do, we do everything we have been designed to do. And for us to know what we have been designed to do, we must meet our designer! On that note, I will be right to say there are two key towards discovering your career is by 


1. Discovering God: Jeremiah 1:5 says “before I formed you, I knew you, before you were born, I set you apart; I appointed you…” We need to have a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. It is when we discover that we have a maker that we can be moved to ponder on why the maker has made us. To discover God is the first step in discovering our career. The maker already knew us and what we can do even before making us!


2. Discover Your purpose: Many people discover God but they don’t take a step further. After discovering God, the next thing is to know why he has made us! God told Jeremiah that he was appointed to be a Prophet to the nation. Jeremiah discovered God and discovered his purpose! Purpose and career is not the same thing! Many people have a wonderful career but they are not fulfilling purpose! Success is not fulfilment. How did Jeremiah discovered his purpose? By hearing from God! God has given us his word unlike in the days of Samuel when revelations were scarce. We must also understand that God makes us for himself and not for ourselves! By discovering purpose, we can gladly make wise career decisions. A potential doctor doesn’t need to read mechanical engineering for anything! We must remember the primary purpose for our making is God’s kingdom. Jesus said in Matthew 6:33, seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and every career shall be based (added unto) on it.


It is after you must have discovered your maker and the reason why he made you that you can settle down to know what and what to do in order to fulfil the purpose for your making. It is here that you begin to consider what you can do. How do you know where  your career lies?


3. Study Yourself: Many people don’t take time to study themselves. They do things because certain other people are doing it. You are you; you are not another version of another person! You are unique and by studying yourself, you are being watchful of yourself and what you can do. You study yourself by knowing the limit of your strength, your talent and your passion. For instance, you have discovered God and the reason why he made you. You discovered he made you for his own purpose, you eventually discovered you are gifted in writing, what do you do? You begin to build a career in writing and through writing, you can fulfil God’s plan for your life. It is when you study yourself that you can really know where your career is! When you were born, you were born with special and diverse abilities…



Development is what takes place after discovery! Development is the process of change towards advancement. Development doesn’t happen on its own, it happens when a conscious effort has been mustered. When people are promoted in a company, it is because they have developed to another level. It is development that brings promotion. It is not enough to believe that you can do something; it is not enough to try because most times trials don’t work! You believe and consciously begin to develop what you believe you can do. 

How do you develop your career?

1. Learning: Proverbs 22:29 shows us that any skilful man can stand before kings and render service. To be skilled means to be learned in your career. Being a Christian doesn’t exempt you from responsibilities of making wise decisions. It is therefore your responsibility to learn to make wise decisions and develop your career. Learning is much more important than praying, when it comes to career. For instance, if you want to buy a phone, you don’t pray for God to reveal to you the type of phone you will buy. You simply have to gather information, know the type of phone that suites your need and pay for it! You don’t also pray to become a doctor when you are not ready to undergo the process of learning and studying medicine in school. God doesn’t just want us to be spiritually mature but also to be physically mature! The opposite of spirituality is not physicality; the opposite of spirituality is carnality! Being carnal doesn’t mean being physical! Proverbs 1:1-3 shows us that God also wants us to attain wisdom and discipline, to understand words of insight; for acquiring a disciplined and prudent life… In Luke 2:41-52, we see Jesus at the temple learning and asking questions! 


2. Look for problems: Another way to develop our career isn’t to sit in our comfort zone and wait for people to come to us. People can only come to you when you have successfully solved a certain problem. You may have discovered you can do certain things but there is no room for development when you are not constantly being productive. The bible said in Acts 10:38 that Jesus went about doing good… That was why people kept coming to him because they’ve suddenly realised that Jesus had solutions to their problems. Look for problems that your ‘discovered’ career can solve. The schools in your locality may be lacking ideas on how to simplify learning and make it more fun, it is when you go to them and provide solutions that others can start coming to you.


3. Create a career plan: You need to have a sense of direction and clear picture of what your coming years will be for you. Decide where you want your career to take you and begin to work towards it. Constantly review those plans and see if you are really making progress or not. It is not bad to aim high and think big, but don’t just aim high… If you aim high, be ready to work more.


4. Change your lifestyle: Most times, our live styles don’t allow us to develop our careers. Our careers are deeply affected by the ways we live our lives and how we live our lives determines the success of our career. For instance, you can’t be a good writer when you aren’t a good reader. How we dress, talk and act goes a long way in developing our career. Don’t just think like an engineer if you want to be one, act like one and soon you will be acting as one. Some careers demand that you dress very decent, most careers demand decent dressing. You can’t be wearing mini-skirt to the law court, you can’t be wearing mini skirt to speak at the conference, and you can’t be a drunk and work in the bank or be a good administrator. You can’t love sleep so much and be a doctor, you can’t be lazy to read and be a teacher! If you desire a great career, you must also learn to act like those in that career choice now!


5. Leave your comfort zone: You can’t develop your career when you cannot leave your comfort zone. Every of the above points rest on this. It may not be comfortable to learn some certain things; it may not be comfortable to move out in search of opportunities, it may not be comfortable to change your lifestyle! It may not comfortable but remember your career isn’t about your comfort but about providing solutions to people.


6. Listen to people: Finally, listen to people’s feedback concerning you. It may be appraisals or criticism but never overlook them even when they aren’t really making sense. By listening to people, you get a clue of how they see you. If they see you from the wrong perspective, it may really never be because you did something wrong but perhaps because you did something right in the wrong way or with the wrong representation. By listening to people, you can adjust where necessary and show them that you are really attentive to their needs. 


7. Be Patient: Development is a process. Don’t be too fast to reach the peak but be always ready for the peak. Be calm, be gentle to yourself, do not be in a rush but do not slow down. Impatience is usually a sign of fear and pride. But patience is a virtue! 


The list may go on and on but these are necessities for career development. While your efforts are needful in developing your career, don’t trust so much in your own power or in your efforts. Rather, believe that it is God who establishes people and solidifies their success and fulfilment. As you work on yourself, keep trusting God for results.

What other ways can career be discovered or developed that you feel isn’t included here? Feel free to share your thoughts!



Your comment concerning this will be highly appreciated!

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