“Yes, the good news about it was told to us just as it was to them. But the message they heard did not help them. They heard it but did not accept it with faith. Only we who believe it are able to enter God’s place of rest. As God said, “I was angry and made a promise: ‘They will never enter my place of rest.’” Psalm 95:11  But God’s work was finished from the time he made the world.” Heb. 4:2‭-‬3 ERV


The biggest problem a man will have is not unsuccessful business, it is not poverty, it is not sickness or any challenge you can think of! The biggest problem of man is the inability to accept the word of God. 


We have lots of people in Church, we have lots of professing Christians but when you started answering a Christian doesn’t make you born again! God’s word is powerless to you when you don’t accept it in faith!


What does it mean to accept the word of God in faith? It means to accept the word of God unquestionably whether there is a physical manifestation of signs or not! It means accepting God’s word with absolute trust in God and not in anything else!


The word of God becomes active only when you believe. God has finished every work and there is no work that he has not done! You cannot experience it when you don’t believe it! You cannot be saved when you don’t believe that it is finished on the cross. The bible said that those who first heard this message did not enter God’s rest because they did not accept it with faith! Because they did not enter God’s rest, they labored according to the demands of the law! They had to work and work until they come to acknowledge God’s word!


The scriptures says in John 3:16 “…whosoever believes in Jesus as the savior of the world shall not perish but have eternal life”. The word “believe” is an important aspect of Christianity! It is by believing that we are saved! It is what we believe that we accept!


Do you want to rest from poverty and sickness? Do you want to rest from generational curses and repercussions of what you did in the past? Do you want to rest from the operations of demons from marine kingdoms and anywhere you can ever think of? Is there any mountain standing before you and you need a rest from it?


All of those things aren’t your biggest problem! When you tackle your own problem, they will all disappear! Your problem is unbelief! Reject your past life because you are about to become new, believe that Jesus is your lord and your savior, confess it with your mouth and you see those problems disappear from your life… You see yourself enter into God’s rest! The bible says the message they heard did not help them because they did not accept it wit faith, they did not believe it!


Today, lots of people are still disbelievers and when you look at them you discover that the gospel isn’t helpful to them! The gospel becomes helpful to you when you believe it!


I see someone been set free from bondage, I see captives been loosed and I see deliverance coming upon people who have believed that Jesus paid the price of their sins on the cross, saved them from the shackles of the enemy and sealed their salvation with his own blood! Accept it with faith and you see your life become brand new!


God bless you! Share your thoughts!!!




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