The Grace of God is received by faith! Faith in God through Christ Jesus does not just produce inward holiness, it also produces outward holiness! It is in this sense that the gospel declared that Grace isn’t a license to sin but the power to say no to all forms of ungodliness.

In that regard, we don’t just expect inward holiness, we expect outward holiness. What is this outward holiness?


Many folks have misplaced holiness with religiousness. Outward holiness can only be achieved by obeying the law of Christ and not the law of Moses. The law of moses endorses an eye for an eye, it endorses vengeance to some great extent and in fact, in the law of Moses there is only an invisible presentation of love which was only revealed by Christ. The law of Christ says “love your neighbor” but the law of Moses says “Love the good and hate the bad”


It is not religion to dress decent, it is true love that propels decency. Decency doesn’t come from what we wear, decency comes from the pureness of the heart and mind. The bible says that the mouth speaks out of the abundance of the heart. Our actions are based on what we think in our heart. When the heart is pure, the actions will be pure.


It is religion to seek God’s approval by dressing fine, it is not religion to dress fine because you have been approved by God. We do not do good works because we want to be saved, we do good works because we have been saved. The contrast between religion and the holiness that results from salvation is the force propelling us to act. Religion is propelled by self and true righteousness is propelled by love for God.


It is therefore expected that every believer will act holy because they are holy, it is expected that our dressing, our actions and our speech is propelled by love for God! In fact, good works are part of worship to God. 


We must be careful enough not to raise babies and leave them as babies, we must not just raise believers, we must make them disciples! Our doctrine must begins with believing and continue to discipleship. Disciples are people who leave everything to follow Jesus, they are people who let go of their self, their desires and their glories just to follow Jesus.


We don’t just need believers, we need doers. The bible asked us never to be hearers of the word and not doers! We don’t just need confessions, we need actions! Every believer is a light, some are simply switched off, their lifestyles says the opposite of who they are, there salvation is questionable because they aren’t showing it.


Jesus declared that we are the light of the world! The world need us now more than ever before! God desires our good works as believers, God desires that we practically show his love to the world!


You are the light… Let your light shine!!!!




Your comment concerning this will be highly appreciated!

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