I have often seen situations where the man denies his wife his body when he is not in the mood for conjugal sexual intimacy. But when the woman seems to do the same, he bounces on her, rape her or express that he owns her body because he paid some money on her head. Let me take it slowly…
The bride price the man paid on behalf of the woman isn’t a purchase fee! No amount of money can buy a wife! It can buy you sex for several nights but it can’t buy you a wife! Our younger generation have been taught that women are purchased and some women see themselves as goods on sale! It is not true! The woman is worth the same thing as a man! The female baby is as important as the male child, none is more important, none is more superior! 
I have seen families where the girl is taught to respect the boy even if she is older but the boy is never taught to have regard for the female folks! Please Africans… Stop that nonsense! The girl child can take the place of the male child when he isn’t coming forth! Let us teach our sons to respect the women, let us teach our sons how to cook and do domestic jobs! Let us teach our daughters how to see themselves as strong people who are not sex toys! We must stop orienting our daughters to see themselves as people who are meant to bring satisfaction to the man no matter what happens.
I visited a family, I found the mother flogging her daughter for not serving her brother food. The brother in question is much younger! When I made inquiries, I was told she was being taught how to serve her husband. I was annoyed. I met another young boy who told me that if he ever gets married, he will treat his wife anyhow he like because he bought her with his own money! I was mad with him! Who even tell you that you can buy anybody? We are not worth billions of pounds, we are worth the blood of Jesus! So, no man can buy a woman.
I have also witnessed a scenario where the woman refused to have sex with her husband because he didn’t give her the money she requested for. Many women do this because of the wrong perception they have been forced to have. They have always seen themselves as mere tools in marriage. They see themselves as sex toy whom the husband enjoys and they don’t derive satisfaction anymore… They are just there to satisfy their husband. However, the woman is meant to enjoy every time she spends with her husband. The man should learn to also consider his wife’s satisfaction too! 
Having said this? I stand bold to say that the body of the woman does not belong to the woman but to her husband and the body of the husband does not belong to him but to his wife! No one has an exclusive right in marriage. Conjugal rights is not exclusive to the man… In every marriage, their is leadership roles. The man is the leader and he is leading the family which includes the children! When the relationship is narrowed down to just the man and the woman, that is where we begin to talk about conjugal rights or marital rights… The affair between the man and his wife alone is not controlled by the man, it is controlled by both.
Paul wrote about this to the Corinthians in 1 Corinthians 7:3-5 that the woman does not have authority over her own body, and that the man does not have authority over his own body too in marriage! They belong together! The only grounds on which sex can be avoided in marriage is when the two has agreed for certain reasons.
God designed sex to be enjoyed in the comfort of marriage. Don’t deny your husband or wife sex in the name of punishment or revenge, don’t deny your spouse sex just because its Sunday. Sex in marriage is not sin, it doesn’t make you momentarily distanced from God! In fact, God enjoys watching married couples feel secured in the arms of each other. Wives should feel free to express themselves in marriage to any level and husbands should do the same. 
Sex in marriage is not what a woman does to hold back her husband from sleeping outside. It is what couples do for each other to share some deeper level if intimacy, procreate and increase God’s people on earth!
let’s continue on this later…
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