What grants one salvation is faith in Jesus! You cannot come to Jesus without repenting of your sins but you don’t think that repenting of your sins have automatically grant you salvation. I wonder anyway, who will repent of his or her sins in pursuit of salvation and not come to Jesus?
In essence, you must decide to forsake your sins if you want to come to Jesus because when you come to him, what he does is to lift the burden of sin out from your head! How can he them lift it when you have not decided to depart from sin? People repent of sin because they suddenly realize that they have not been living right.
How does one repent from sin? Repenting from sin doesn’t mean responding to altar calls! That one is simply a sign that you want to surrender… Repenting from sin means giving up on sin and deciding never to go on with it. Jesus said to the adulterous woman “go and sin no more”. Look well at that statement, Jesus was simply telling her ” repent from that sin”.
Repenting from sin does not mean saying “God, I am sorry”, many times, our friends have offended us so much, they tell they are sorry but they go on and on to still commit the same of fence again. Repentance means turning away from that sin. The Bible says that God does not overlook a contrite and a penitent heart! See that? When a penitent heart comes to Jesus, Jesus does not overlook such people! 
Peter said in Act 3:19 “Therefore repent and return, so that your sins may be wiped away, in order that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord”
You can’t come to Jesus as a prostitute hoping to continue in prostitution. It is not negotiable, you either decide to give up on that sin or you don’t come to Jesus! Because only when you are willing to release that sin that he can do so. God doesn’t force salvation on you.
Then, now that you are saved, Romans 8:1 says ” there is therefore now, no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus”, this means that as a believer who has forsaken his sins, if for any reason you happened to fall into sin, you are not condemned, you are given chance to repent from that sin! Of course, every believer who sin has to repent of it because you cannot continue in sin, you were saved from it!
You therefore don’t think that your salvation is tied to what you do, you don’t try to be good because you want to go to heaven! You put your faith on the finished work of Jesus, you let your love for him guide you in what you do and you see your self bearing righteous fruits and not religious fruits.
Grace says “repent and come”, it is in this manner that the bible declared that “Grace teaches us to say no to sin”.
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