SIN DOESN’T MATTER… (Pastors’ Version)

I was studying the scripture some time ago and I can across two words in the bible that have not always mean the same thing! Many assume it is the same thing and therefore use them interchangeably and make it less meaningful. Paul wrote in Galatians 5:25 that if we live by the Spirit, we should also walk by the Spirit.
To live and to walk is not the same thing! Being an Igbo man and talking as an Igbo man is not the same thing! You may be born English but if you don’t speak English I cannot believe that you are English because nothing about you shows you are English. 
The moment you are born again, you accepted redemption. The moment you received the Holy Spirit, you received the Spirit of righteousness that enables you to bear fruits. But that does not mean you have suddenly become infallible. The Spirit you have received is infallible, the Spirit is in you and you live by it but it is another thing to walk by it. It is like a man who studied Literature but is working in the oil and gas sector, he has that knowledge of literature but he is not walking in the knowledge of it.
To walk by the Spirit means to deliberately yield yourself to God’s righteousness! Let us see how Paul described walking by the Spirit in verse 26 “Let us have no self-conceit, no provoking of one another, no envy of one another”. This is exactly in accordance with the law of Christ which says ” love everyone”
Sin isn’t a product of love. Love molds character, it makes you have patience, handle people gently and live a transparent life! Most times, people think that fornication is the only sin available! There are lots more of sins and it includes envy, jealousy and so on… These are products of hate and it does not signify the presence of God’s spirit.
What we see these days seem to be a reverse of early Christianity. Pastors have become boss, their only service is to mount the podium and exhibit expertise in the oratory business! They have administrative excellence but their service as Pastors isn’t worthwhile. They have great charisma, they attend seminars that helps make them good orators, they wield power and have servants at their disposals! They have no business with the poor, they have no business with the heart broken, they have no business with the “woman caught in adultery”, they have no business with the criminal ” on the cross”. They eat only with kings. They have suddenly become modern Pharisees and Rabbis who may just like Jesus but don’t really love him. There is no trace of servant leadership in lots of our Pastors anymore… We have become very busy with projects, we build schools, hospitals and other social amenities not really to provide solution but to make more money and dominate every area. We see lots of church members who are living on peanut, they hardly feed nor cloth but we task them and sweet talk them to give all they have but we ourselves don’t give nor make move to cloth them or send their children to school… THAT IS THE WORST SIN!
The calling of Christians is not limited to preaching the good news, what happens to being the good news! Believers need to become the living good news! Our presence needs to be celebrated! Walking by the Spirit means walking by God’s love!
When Jesus washed the feet of his followers, he asked them to also do the same to others. Every believer, more especially our pastors need to bend down and wash the feet of the people given to them! Nothing is wrong with living fine, wearing good clothes, eating good food but something is wrong when you exploit people to do that. 
Jesus said concerning lots of ministers, “they will come to me on that day and say ‘Lord, we did miracles in your name, casted demons, held crusades, did church programs, build auditoriums all in your name’ but I will say to them ‘depart from me you wicked servant! When I was hungry, did you feed me? Did you give me shelter nor cloth me?'”
You see, it is not those miracles and large programs that matter! It is not how we preach about God’s love that matter but how we show it! Jesus considers showing love more than praying for the dead man to rise up! Jesus considers showing love more than holding a crusade and recording one million people in attendance! Jesus does not consider those walls we build round our selves as men of God! We have human securities all in the name of being kidnapped… Let them kidnap you! It is an opportunity to preach the gospel!
Another thing that happens when we walk by the Spirit is that we suddenly begin to correct brethren who sin in love! In verse 1 of Chapter 6 of Galatians, Paul continued with what walking by the spirit results to. It results to handling a brother who sin with love and gradually bringing him to repentance and not mount the pulpit to use them as topic! All these while we have been shouting “do not sin”, how have we come close to these weak Christians? How have we make them our burden? Or we just use them to add vibes to our messages? It is time to walk the talk!
I see Pastors talk about sin, warn their congregation of sin, threaten them with fires of hell and all that… I am not against their messages! But it is appalling that these same Pastors are not concerned about these people, the heart cry of their congregation aren’t touching them as they are busy in unhealthy competition with other Pastors all in a bid to get more people to feed on! THAT IS THE WORST SIN…
Your sins as a pastor doesn’t matter anymore… Really? Is that what you think?
THE SINS OF PASTORS MATTERS A LOT… Before you remove the speck in your members eyes, pluck of the pile of wood in your own eyes. This is the word of Jesus.
I believe that this has blessed your life. Share your thoughts!


Your comment concerning this will be highly appreciated!

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