For some time now, a video has been trending on the social media alleged to belong to Chidinma Okeke, the immediate past Miss Anambra. While such things as this isn’t the kind of things I love writing on, I think the career, ambition and achievements of the accused is worth my attention and comment.

During the early hours of today, I came across a post concerning Chidinma, I wasn’t comfortable with it. I had to make enquiries which further led to researches! Chidinma has been known as a promising model with good characters according to many students of Unizik, Awka. She came from a Christian background and had good upbringing. Her admirers have grown from hundred to hundreds of thousands until recently when some persons uploaded an explicit video that claims she was the one in the act. The ferocious act of our societal miscreants has been targeted at destroying her career, her future and her personality.


In the process of my keen study towards people’s reaction over whatever was done in the video, I discovered that people’s judgment was not based on morality and purity but rather on the distorted way life on earth is been viewed. The video contained two ladies engaging in the act of lesbianism while the third person was behind the scene supposedly directing the amateur porn. Most people have pointed out that they would have felt a bit okay with her if she was “doing it” with a male partner. However, for me… I think sin is sin no matter how our society seem to differentiate between bigger sin and smaller sin. I strongly believe a porn movie star and a young decent girl who lost her virginity to the man she claims to love but is not married to are all the same. I think a lady who knows the camera was there and still did a sex tape and a lady or man who secretly had sex are all the same… Sin is sin and that is it! Whether you are caught or not, sin remains sin… It is not greater, it is not smaller! I also think God loves a sinner much more as he love a believer! I believe it is God’s desire to have everyone realize his love for them!


Let’s quickly compare this scenario with what is obtainable in the Bible. A woman was caught in the act of Adultery by group of men who were by no means better! If it was in this modern time, she would have done a private video and have it leaked or she would have been caught with a politician or even a Pastor! The people that caught her made up their minds to get her stoned to death according to the demands of the law but decided to tempt Jesus with her case! They taught Jesus was just going to say “she’s not a sinner; there is nothing wrong with adultery”. They have often seen Jesus the way people who preach Grace are seen, they’ve often thought that Jesus doesn’t take sin serious. They wanted to use that opportunity to also get Jesus arrested for blasphemy. But as they came to Jesus and laid their case, Jesus gave them the shocker of their lives! Jesus did not begin by condemning or condoning sin… Jesus simply told them “Let he who has never sinned cast the first stone” In order words, Jesus was saying “only a perfect man has the right to judge someone of sin”. By saying that, Jesus has also automatically admitted that the woman sinned and what they just did wasn’t a solution to get her saved out of that mess! Yes, while she met the man who was about to sleep with her, she was in her sense. While she followed him home, she was in her sense! While she unbuttoned her dress and lay naked on the bed, she was still in her senses… All those while, she knew she was about to commit something that was viewed more sin than the rest just like in our society today where lesbianism and homosexuality is considered abomination and premarital sex is considered normal. By opening their eyes to these realities, he left them speechless and defeated. They left afterwards… Knowing that the woman has deliberately and without being under duress engaged in adultery, he said to the woman “go and sin no more”. I believe she was shocked to hear that! Jesus did not banter her or make noise about her atrocities but by the love shown to her, his voice must have kept ringing in her heart forever. I can give other instances who by the love Jesus shown, was able to win them for good! You have heard of Zacchaeus and Matthew right? While they were being criticized as corrupt government officials, it never changed a thing about them! They even became worse until Jesus came their way. Jesus didn’t say they weren’t sinners, Jesus didn’t joke with their sins but Jesus saw a better picture for them and helped them bring it into reality.


Isn’t the above scenario the same with the trendy topic that has gone viral? People say the reason they judge her is because she did a sex tape, some say it’s because she did it with a woman instead of a man and lots of other points! But looking at these points, you see great marks of ungodliness even in the heart of those condemning her! Lots of people have an ugly private life but come out to the public with smiles… This is not an issue of saying she did nothing wrong! I have not investigated the video and I will not but whoever was in that video did something so wrong and whoever has been doing such in the secret is just the same with her! That is my point! Same people who are guilty of same act are the people calling for her imprisonment. Isn’t that exactly what happened in the time of Jesus? What I have to do now is what Jesus did then…


Leaking people’s sinful life on the social media has never been a way of changing people! It has made more people commit suicide, it has made more people give up on life and disappear into the thin air. Look closely at the lives of people who leak sex tapes on the social media, they are mostly blackmailers, cultists, rapists, sexists, sadists, haters and people who are bent on revenge! Aren’t these people bad examples to our society? Are they good enough to cause positive changes in our society? Are their actions not based on their own sinful desires? By sharing the pornographic video are they not pushing people into watching pornography? The last time I checked, no one ever got changed by leaking their shortcomings on the social media.


There is only one solution to break free from sin; you don’t force people out of it! Jesus remains the answer for those in that sex tape, for those doing theirs in the secret, for those struggling with one addiction or the other, for those who have lost focus in life because of what people have said! I take this time to get us back to John 3:16 “For God so love the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes, shall not perish but have eternal life”. 


While this article has not been written in defense of whatever was in that video, I am writing this in defense of Christianity, in defense of what we stand for as believers, in defense of what Chidinma’s future, what she stands for and in defense of positive things she has been able to achieve throughout her reign as Miss Anambra which included representing us at the International level! Yes, everyone adored her until the recent scandal rocked the internet… We all forgot her good sides and capitalized on what we saw on the social media. What good is there anyway? No point being good without Jesus!


Now, back to our question… Do we still love Chidinma? Yes, I do and I know some other persons who still love her.


“If only you can look away from the storms and look up to Jesus… You will find healing, peace and fulfillment”


Dear reader, don’t go about looking for leaked sex tape to watch… Just pray for Chidinma. If you’re close to her, she needs you more now!


Your comment concerning this will be highly appreciated!

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