This week, we have selected Ikiri Lawrence’s song “I WILL SING FOR YOU” as our music for the week. It is not a trending song neither is it a new song. What we do in George’s Diary Select Songs is to bring you soul lifting songs that has lots of insights and strong lyrics that gives praise to God. In fact, there is no criteria for selecting any song… As long as it touched us and lifted our hearts in worship, it may feature in George’s Diary. Any song or artist that appears on George’s Diary is not affliated to George’s Diary and we are not promoting songs. This is just a way of recommending good songs to our readers. We recommend songs and not other artist.



Ikiri Lawrence is an Award Winning & Talented Gospel Minister. Born in Nigerian But Based Out in South Africa. He is man of many talents, an artist, songwriter, music producer, brand manager, music director and record label owner. He was born and raised in a large family of musical maestros, where the pursuit of excellence in all things was taught and fully demonstrated by his parents. His father having been in the choir in his youth, created an environment of musical prodigy and creativity amongst his children, often encouraging them to put together entertaining performances for captive audiences that consisted of prominent and stately figures.

Meet Ikiri Lawrence

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By Ikiri Lawrence


No mountain too high

No valley too low

None can take me away from your love

When I sing all my song

It goes unto your name

I will praise you Lord

And sing all my day




I’ll sing for you

I’ll dance for you

All I ever want to do

Is all for you

I’ll move for you

I’ll live for you

All I ever want to do

Is all for you

(Repeat Verse)

(Repeat Chorus 2x)


You are my strength and my shield

My guide and my friend

Unto me oh God

Unto me oh God

You are the Ancient father

You are the reason why I sing

Oh oh God it’s all for you


(Repeat Chorus 2x)


Oh Oh God is all for You (10x)

(All Parts)

Oh Oh God is all for You (6x)

***This song blessed my life! It will bless yours.

***This lyrics is a transcript by me, I don’t trust if its 100 percent accurate… If you find errors, make a comment on it and we will reflect it.





Your comment concerning this will be highly appreciated!

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