Musa was beginning to get more afraid, he just haven’t seen all of Anambra and he was already beginning to see things. He had become afraid of everything and everyone around him, he could stare deep into the dark to observe everyone in the bus, every backlight easily got his attention, he hoped he could find his phone right there in the bus. He didn’t know how it could happen but he just had this feeling that he was going to experience miracles for the first time. Well, it was simply a false hope, he was being mischievous to himself, trying to run away from reality! 

“Piiiiiiiiiii Piiiiiiiiiiiii” was all Musa kept hearing, the traffic jam was much and they had spent several minutes in the bus. He could hear a driver cause another driver, he had noticed the usage of the word “onye ara!” by most people. At some moment, Musa was beginning to enjoy some sights. The tall buildings and the street lights across the express road gave the environment entirely a different look. His excitement got much when they approached the popular Limca round-about, he saw fancy lights, it was a beautiful sight and he wished he had his phone, he could have taken some pictures and sent back home. One of the sign post read “Willie is working” and he nodded “kai… This man is willingly working!”

He was still admiring the sight when a his pleasures were cut short. The driver had found a little space between two cars before him, he tried speeding into the space when one of the cars swerved into that space to drive forward, there was a bang. The driver pushed his door open, jumped down the bus to face the private car owner who was already out of his car speaking grammar.

“Driver… Beat that man to hell! It is his fault” a young man shouted from the bus

“You… Why not you go and beat him yourself? Trouble maker” an elderly woman shouted on the man, she was well dressed and everyone in the bus would perceive the perfume she used

“Look at this witch! Only God knows if you are not looking for a blood to such! Ritualist!” the man rejoined sharply

While the bus driver and the car owner were exchanging words outside, another commotion was beginning to occur in the bus. Other passengers were already cursing the man who spoke first because he was insulting an elderly woman but the man couldn’t stop. He was the same man who spoke to Musa when he entered the bus at Upper Iweka. Musa was silent all through.

“But excuse me… I need to teach this young man a lesson… He needs to know how to respect elders, how can he call a woman old enough to be his mother a witch?” a huge man who was sitting before Musa said in anger. He turned and smacked the young man on the jaw and fight broke out

“God… Can you just save me from this mess?” Musa murmured, in fact they have missed target and hit him once before the huge man dragged his opponent out of the bus to give him the beating of his life. Meanwhile, the bus driver and the car owner had started fighting too and the crowd gathering to watch the fights was getting larges, passengers started leaving the vicinity to find their way home. Musa rushed to the booth, took his bag and followed the other passengers to find his way.

Unfortunately, the countless people that had been treading the road were beginning to reduce gradually, some were diverting into the streets and some into the buildings along the road. Musa was getting more hungry by now but he needed to find his Uncle first because it was getting much darker. At a point, Musa really needed to know where he was but he was afraid to ask anyone, his accent was beginning to give him concern, he had noticed the eyes people give him whenever he speak.

Musa was confused, looking at faces of people passing him he couldn’t find a friendly face to ask question. His experience at Upper Iweka was still fresh on his mind and had goose people remembering the shock that came on him when those drivers approached him. 

“Watch it!” a young boy pushing four 30 litre containers of water in a barrow shouted on him, he almost got hit

“Oh! Sorry!” he apologised, the young boy had wanted to pass when Musa summoned courage “wait! wait! Please, I am looking for Umkpor Junction”

To Musa’s surprise, the young boy didn’t raise an eyebrow at his accent, he just pointed towards the road “dey go straight… you go find am” the boy replied. One thing Musa didn’t understand was why the boy should reply him in pidgin, he wasn’t speaking pidgin afterall. He thanked the young boy and kept moving. By this time, the road was becoming more free and very less busy.

Musa had walked few miles, he saw some beautiful buildings, he came across Crunchies Fried Chicken Plus, he was tempted to go in and have some taste of what they’ve got. It looked like a glass house, he could see people walk upstairs with some delicacies, he could smell aroma of fried rice from a distance, the temptation was much but on a second thought he needed to find his Uncle first.

Musa had walked some miles down the road and he felt he must have missed the junction he was looking for but he was sure he haven’t seen any junction except places that led into the streets. The young boy didn’t tell him is was far, he had thought. He could see a very busy place farther and he braced up to reach there and see if that’s the junction. It was in this confusion that a bike speed to where he was, right in front of him, they were two hefty men with black glasses. Their approach was suspicious and he sensed danger, he was confused, he didn’t know if he should run, jump the gutter towards the other side but they just got him on time. One gave him a slap he has never experienced all his life and he could remember he saw stars for the first time twinkling all over even though he closed his eyes. At the same interval, the man pushed him down holding on to his bag and the next second, the robber had jumped on the bike and they sped off! Musa could hear the engine into the distance, tears was all over his face and he couldn’t just understand what was happening.

“How did you allow those people rob you like that?” a man asked approaching him to help him get up from the ground where he had fallen. Musa couldn’t speak and the man continued “You have to be careful here, you have to hold your bag tight and be on the alert! This is Nkpor Junction!”

Musa was shocked! It was upper Iweka and now it is Nkpor Junction… The question remained… How will he locate his uncle?




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