Let me start it this way… If you are not ready for marriage, don’t yearn for it and don’t get involved! Make friends… Forget intimacy… Don’t spark a fire you cannot quench!

Let me talk to others….

One of the things that comes next to the mind of every man who thinks success is marriage! Don’t be religious when it comes to this! Marriage is not a child’s play and if you think you can just marry anybody, you’re supposed to be pitied!

Some of us say we are single and not searching… But if we must tell ourselves the truth, THE SEARCH IS REAL and it is very serious! When I see young people dating for the sake of the trend, I pity them! Marriage is much more complex than we ever thought! Marriage is not sex, it is not kissing in public or hugging!

Marriage doesn’t mean taking a lady to places, visiting her and buying her gifts… That you can do these things doesn’t mean you’re next in-line for marriage! It doesn’t mean you’re fit for marriage! Why is it that it is unmarried couples who go out together often? What happens after they are married? Think about that…

When you have dated for several years without clearly defining what you are hoping for… You’re simply wasting time, wasting resources and wasting energy! Some people have spent the money they could have used to organize their wedding on someone they have no future with! It is crazy… It is crazy to be in a relationship with someone you’re sure you aren’t going to spend the rest of your life with!

Only people who thinks success thinks marriage… You’re not being worldly to think marriage, you’re not being worldly to think of the kind of person you’d like to spend the rest of your life with! People who think marriage don’t engage in useless relationships. They only get involved with the mindset that “they are working things out” for the future.

I always tell the younger ones… Stay away from intimate relationships! Why give yourself to a boy? Why lock yourself out from experiencing what people look like? Why commit your freedom to someone when you are not ready for marriage?

I met a lady one certain time, she had a boyfriend that she was so fund of and I told her
“When are you both getting married?”

I was shocked at her reply, hear her “God forbid! I can’t marry him… He is caring, he is good but he is not what I need in a man”

“And you are dating him?” I asked

“Of course… We can date but we can’t marry” she replied.

That is the most stupid statement I have ever heard in my life!

Dear Girlfriend, if you are in a relationship to be satisfied sexually… Prostitutes are far much better than you! If you are in a relationship just to be taken care of, beggars are better than you… If you are in a relationship that has no definition, you are very foolish!

Don’t ever come close to me for a relationship when it is not in your plans to spend the rest of your life with me… I am looking for a LIFE PARTNER and not a WASTE PARTNER…

The search for Mr & Mrs continues…. THE SEARCH IS REAL!



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