Is it really important that we make all the money in this world, build the best houses, buy the best cars and wear the best clothes? Isn’t it obvious that no matter the size of your bed, you are entitled to only a portion? Isn’t it true that no matter the size of your car, its only on one seat you can use at a time. Haven’t you realised that you will still have to walk yourself to the bathroom? Aha… You can’t even sleep in your hundred rooms at the same time, it is only one room at a time and you obviously can’t help it. Yes! All your valuables still can’t fill some certain space, it still can’t solve some certain need, it still can’t bring satisfaction, the loneliness is always there and you can end up working more harder to endlessly work more harder…

What about the rich fool? First, let’s analyze his identity. He is rich but his name is not rich. His net worth was “bank breaking”, his net worth would top the list in Forbes magazine if he happened to be a man of our time but his name is ‘fool’! Who is a fool? It is a person who lacks sense including the common sense. How surprising! His net is rich but his personality is worthless! He used all his time to build his net and not himself! The net will always break and its our worth that will remain. Look at a typical example, Peter was a poor fisher, he was worth nothing as a personal and his net was worth nothing too! All of a sudden, Jesus meets him and made him rich! So rich that he became a boss instantly. But when Jesus asked him to follow him, he knew he is worth nothing, he knew his net worth has just increased but he needed to ignore the net and follow the man who said “follow me, and I will make YOU…” He needed to be made and so he left his assets and his wealth that came to him at that moment. Today, we are still talking about Peter, he never made such money again but his personality is worth more than the richest man in the world today. All other fishers who must have taken over his net faded in the background…

Why do people perish because they lack knowledge? It is because their self worth is zero. Net worth is not a criteria for measuring wealth, it is only a distraction when it becomes our priority. But self worth comes from knowledge and the application of it. There are solutions only self worth can provide, self worth can increase net worth but net worth cannot increase self worth.



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