“Whatever I do doesn’t matter to anyone, why can’t people just let me be? If you really love me for who I am, then you have to appreciate my flaws too”

That’s what people always say, especially when you try pointing out something they aren’t getting right. There are lots of things that we think shouldn’t matter to people but it does!


For instance, someone asked me why premarital sex should be sin since both agree before embarking on it! After all, the bible says except two agree, they cannot walk together.


There are lots of things we do that we feel shouldn’t bother people but it does! Premarital or extramarital sex is sin because those engaging in it are either hurting their spouse or their future spouse! It is like taking what belongs to someone else! 


I may sound very old fashioned here but premarital sex is unfaithfulness to someone you are going to spend the rest of your life with! Nobody enjoys unfaithfulness in a relationship, it hurts so bad! So… You think it doesn’t matter what you do with your body? It really matter! If your eyes is opened to see someone who is going to be your spouse in the nearest future and you see her dancing romantically with a man in a night club, how will you feel? Okay, you may not really feel very bad! What about seeing her in a sexual activity with someone else? You will feel very bad! Although you haven’t married her, you will feel cheated upon! So you see? It matters!


How about eating healthy foods? Do you think it shouldn’t matter to people what you eat? Do you think people should just mind their business? Well, I’ve got a news for you, you were not created for yourself, you are created for others! By staying healthy, you are staying longer to fulfill purpose and to provide solution and companionship to others! You never decided to come to earth, people made that decision for you! The moment your parents agreed to have unprotected sex, they agreed to have you! So, you can never leave for yourself even if you try to! People end up destroying themselves when they just want to live for themselves. When you grow too fat, you will definitely bring discomfort to certain people at certain places because you will be occupying double space! It really matters… Not just for your health but for people around you.


In various countries, there are agencies who checkmate how you speed in your own car, if you car tyres are in order, if you have fire extinguishers and all that! Sometimes, when these people stop us and even tax us for failing to meet with the requirements, we wonder what their business is over our lives! I have seen people asking the Federal Road Safety agents why they are making sure people are safe, “it is non of your business” they would say. But listen to me, it is! I will tell you why.


When you speed on the road, it may cause accident and it can result to your death and the death of others. It can damage infrastructures that doesn’t belong to you and it can cause your family and friends grief! Your death alone will affect people talk more of death of other people! When you don’t have fire extinguisher in your car, you car may be caught on fire and damage lots of properties and lives!


There are lots of things we do that we really think people shouldn’t care about and we get angry when they do because we think they are meddling with our personal lives. Well, we do have secrets but it doesn’t mean our secret isn’t hurting people and it doesn’t mean we ourselves are not being hurt by our secrets.


That is why Jesus asked us to love our neighbours and our enemies because even when we want to hurt our enemies we will end up hurting ourselves and others! It doesn’t please God when people are hurt and it displeases Him the more when people are hurt by those who believe in Him.


“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters” – Colossians 3:23


Yes..  It matters a lot!
#KingGeorge #GracefulGeorge


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