One fine evening, I was helping a friend unlock some features on her phone and at the same time discussing lots of stuffs about life. A woman who lived around passed by and we waved at her with broad smiles and I really had great respect for this woman… God knows my gestures were genuine.
Guess what happened? This woman turned towards us and spoke with a face that clearly showed how disgusting we were to her
“So, you have grown wings abi? You both can’t even greet your elders properly? Why waving at me? Am I your mate? What happened to this generation? Idiots!” She insulted us and pushed us aside passing between us.
We were really confused and since then I have come to notice that we all tend to define respect differently and when people show us respect that isn’t really in line with our perception we see it as insults. 
In Igboland, adults feel very offended and insulted when a younger person ask them “how are you?” in English language but responds when same question is asked in vernacular.
Now you see, we judge people sometimes, not because they are really bad but because they didn’t follow our own supposed guideline of doing things. Introverts have always been victims of such circumstances. For instance, introverts are assumed to be very arrogant and full of pride simply because they don’t speak a lot or really get easily along with people. But if you take time to look at these introverts, they are always struggling to show how much they care and how much value they place on certain people… You can only get to see it when you are patient with them and when you train yourself to see life from diverse perspectives.
Certain introverts also have a kind of unwillingness to say some things because they always fear how what they say may go with you and it makes them say fewer words and write the rest. Introverts may not be willing to discuss how you look but they can quickly tell you how they want you to look! Introverts may not make lots of phone calls and when they do, they run short of words and the call lasts for only 30seconds. But, when you understand them, they can be amazing people… They can be talkative when you come really close.
To win the heart and trust of an introvert, don’t just be quick to show them they aren’t getting things right because you will end up discouraging sincere ones who really had to put their all for productivity. Be kind enough to smile and tell them how good they are first and then wisely tell them what to do to become better! With that, they will always come around you because you don’t scare them.
Popular opinion holds that introverts are wicked people and they hold grudges. Well, they already have lots of things in their minds that they cannot verbally express but they also don’t really have that strong heart to bear grudges for a long time. 
The tendency of an introvert to commit suicide becomes higher when no one seems to be encouraging them in a time when everyone is only against them. You can explore the best of an introvert by becoming his/her friend and when you do, they can really go a long way to maintain that friendship. They can’t afford to loose that one person who believes they are sane! Introverts may not be able to tell you how much they love you but their attitudes towards you shows it.
Introverts make up most of the emotional writers because they may not really be able to tell anyone what they are going through without the help of their fingers. Introverts love silence… And through writing, they speak in silence.
When we tell you our stories, you may not really understand it from our perspective. Lots of things are happening, lots of things will happen and lots of things have happened.
Do not judge or conclude about anyone till you see from their own perspective. Like Rev. Canon Prince Chukwuma will always say “I don’t write off anybody”.
God designed us in a unique way… If the world is full of introverts, it would be very boring… If the world is full of extroverts, it would be full of noise… The blend of the two in understanding makes the world beautiful in its diversity!
I write from my experience as an introvert who have experienced neglect and rejection from a very little age. My case does not speak for all introverts but I think it do go a long way to tell you that ” introverts are not proud people, they are just verbally quiet but becomes so vocal if you are able to spark off that part of their life”



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