Decided to cook an unpopular African dish, enjoyed mostly in South Eastern Nigeria. It is believed by most Africans that cooking is not for males… They are very wrong! 


Today, I was set to do something I stopped doing some years ago. Guess what? I went to “Oriagbo” market, Nnewi, picked few things and decided to make a dish for myself rather than resort to unhealthy junks… But then, my cooking is inspiring me.


Right here… I have beans. Beans and so what?


All beans are not the same… There are iron beans, potasco beans, green beans and lots more. They don’t have the same taste but they belong to the same family of beans. People often say “all men are the same” or “all women are the same”… 


Well, we may belong to same family, same Church, same classification and same grouping but we are not the same. We have our differences and God designed us that way! You don’t judge people because someone did something bad to you. You don’t hate every women because one lady betrayed you… You don’t say all men are unfaithful because your husband isn’t faithful… We may all be men but our names are not the same.


You don’t go requesting for green beans when you want to get the taste and offerings of iron beans. What you go for is what you definitely get… You don’t get what you want, you get what you for. Wise people go for what they want or need because they know that wanting it isn’t just enough. 


How do I mean? You want to raise godly children, you want a simple and godly family and you go to the club to marry a club girl… Sorry… If you don’t loose her to the club, you will definitely loose your children to the club except you were able to save her first and get her changed. 


OK… So, the simple lesson here is that we are not all the same… We are different by our choices and from the making.


Am off to the kitchen… Second lesson is coming soon.





Your comment concerning this will be highly appreciated!

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