My beans is white… Had to wash it though!


Sometimes we wonder why we really need to do some washing. I was looking at one of my cloth that was about to go for laundry and and I started wondering why on earth I should wash it at that time. It was very clean, no trace of dirt except for a tiny spot that won’t be noticed by anyone… And then, the smell! Oh yes! The smell! I could use perfume on it and never get to wash it. At a second thought, I had to take it to laundry.


We also buy apple and wonder why it needs washing… Looking at it, it looks nice, neat and very risk free but hey! Just before you eat… Remember that lots of things are invisible to the eyes but is very harmful to the body. It takes only few seconds of washing to jump and pass that risk.


Your spirit man doesn’t need washing because it is perfect. However we are not in a spirit world, we are in a human world… A world of flesh! Therefore, your mind needs washing and it doesn’t matter how good you are.


The bible says “be transformed by the renewal of your mind”. Lots of things looks new again when we wash them. Your mind needs constant renewal (washing) by the word of God. When you don’t do so, you may feel it means nothing, you may feel you are still on the right track until you see yourself falling down the cliff!


Get hold of God’s word and never do away with it.


Back to the kitchen… Am coming back.





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