Many of us cook with oil but we don’t know why we do so… We do so because others are doing it isn’t it? 


First, oil heats up much more faster than water. While water is limited to a temperature of 212°F/100°C. Oil can reach temperatures above 300°F/148°C.


Oil also have a flavour of its own and apart from that, it also help in lubricating food so that it doesn’t stick to the plate or pot as much.


What does this oil represents in our lives! The bible talked about five foolish virgins that got short of oil. What does that mean and why are they foolish?


They became foolish because they ran short of wisdom. Oil means something that sustains heat and biblically it can mean God’s word… The Rhema!


When last did you consistently gave yourself to the study of God’s word? When last did you ignore every distraction to really give yourself a treat of God’s word? The knowledge that comes from God’s word keeps you burning, it keeps you hot and keeps you moving!


Food needs oil, vehicles and other machines needs oil, we need oil and even stoves needs oil… Without oil, they will stop functioning. Same way… You need oil!


I will be right back….





Your comment concerning this will be highly appreciated!

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