In Nigeria, we call it “tatachi”… I prefer it because I dislike pepper.


What you see here has a pointed end, a reddish appearance and some tiny seed like that of pepper. By appearance it seems its more wicked than the pepper or it is pepper’s senior brother. But, this is not as harsh as the normal pepper.


Well, things aren’t like they appear to be. Don’t judge a thing or a person until you experience it or them! 


We often end up judging things just because of how they look! Many snacks have nice packaging but they are not sweet while some snacks have very horrible packaging but tastes better.


When you buy books because of the cover design, you will end up being disappointed. We have fallen in love for beautiful and well figured personalities but at the end we get disappointed because we thought their hearts will be as good as their faces.


He may be rich, handsome and of course brilliant… But he lacks the character of a husband and father! When you end up with him in marriage, you will look for a husband and never find, your children will look for a father and never find! But the wealth and good looks you married will remain there looking at you. That is when you realise there are important things to check in things before deciding to pick it as a choice.


Stay tuned….





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