I am cooking Abacha (African Salad) and Beans, an uncommon delicacy enjoyed by some people in South Eastern Nigeria especially in Enugu State.


I’d be cooking Banana stew and Rice next time! What’s that? I don’t really know, am just figuring out how it will look like but I know its gonna be a nice delicacy.


Many times, I tell people what I want to cook something and they ask “how do you do that? Who even does that?”


Well, I don’t do it because I saw people doing it… I just love trying out new stuff… I love adventure.


Many things you do today was tried out by someone and it worked… When will the world benefit from your creativity or are you just afraid to try?


If you are a photographer, don’t stick to the status quo… Do new stuffs!

If you are a cook, don’t just cook the normal dish… Do new stuffs!

If you are a programmer, don’t just do the usual stuff… Do new stuffs!

If you are an artist or actor, don’t be normal like usual… Do new stuffs!


No matter what you are doing… Dare to be creative and you will see the world get amazed at the works of your hands.


The final episode is shortly….




Your comment concerning this will be highly appreciated!

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