Have you ever handled “Abacha” (African Salad) before? How do you start preparing it? Do you Just put oil, crayfish and other things and start turning? Its a big no! Because you will end up wasting the available resources. All you need to do is to soak it in water for several hours and allow water to permeate every part of it and it suddenly turns from that hard and sharp stuff to a very soft sliced cassava.


When we come across people how do we react to their behaviours that we don’t like? Do we try to force them to become what we want? No… We don’t do that. We need to water them with our counsel, love, prayers and assistance and before we know it… They will become very soft.


Some of this armed robbers and kidnappers we burnt on the streets would have been a great person tomorrow! Perhaps they would have become doctors who will save the president of a country… They would have been great preachers and great personalities. But we took hold of them, dragged them down the street and set them on fire!


They wanted to do same to a woman caught in adultery but Jesus saved her and watered her with His words and mercy. Peter is not really a nice guy, he was always ready for war but Jesus was patient enough with Him. What about Paul? Paul got soaked in water too…


Hmm… Isn’t it amazing to learn while cooking? Just be calm with people and keep watering them…


Stay right here… I will be back.





Your comment concerning this will be highly appreciated!

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