People often amaze me by the level of laziness they display. Lots of men love to eat great food but they cannot try doing it themselves, they rather get a woman to do it for them. When the woman doesn’t get it like they want, they go out complaining! Truth is, don’t expect people to give you what you want. If you love it, do it yourself… If you can’t really do it, be ready to spend more.


If a lady visits my home, she won’t do my laundry or enter my kitchen… I will rather say to her “am gonna serve you food and juice… You want a chilled glass?” I may not be a better cook than my wife but I will always join her in the kitchen, stare into her eyes, give her that “killer” smile and surprise her with what I can do in the kitchen. I’d expect her to do some cooking but its not a crime if I surprise her with my own skills. 


You love to go out? Why not give yourself that treat? Must a man really foot the bills? For me, its more romantic when a woman asks me “what do I get for you?”, I reply “don’t worry yourself” and she responds “I insist”… Its more romantic because its rare!


You love a certain book? Don’t look for who to borrow from… Buy it for yourself! You will value those things you did for yourself!


Get up… Learn new stuffs and start doing them… Thanks to God for my mum, she trained me to cook for myself.


Come on… Let’s have a taste of this. It’s Abacha (Sliced Cassava) and Beans.


Daalu nu! (Thank you in Igbo Language)



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