“Awwwwwwww!!!!” She moaned
“Madam… Just one more push… Push harder” one of the midwives encouraged her


She was tired, the heat of the exercise was much and she was wet all over! Her face looked tired and one couldn’t tell the tears from the liquids emitting from the tiny invisible openings on her skin. She almost gave up from trying to push but she thought of the joy whatever she was pushing out would bring and she forced a smile amidst the pains. The chief nurse shook her head and forced a smile back just to make her feel comfortable


“Its almost over… Just push harder” She encouraged her


With an energy born out of constituted faith, she pushed with all the strength left in her, one would hear her sigh “mhmmm” and the baby was out, she laid back on the bed with another soft and silent sigh “mhmmm”


“What’s wrong with her Madam?” One of the nurses asked the Chief, fear was written all over her face.


“Everything is fine… That’s the news. Got it?” The Chief said. It sounded more like warning and the nurse nodded carrying the medical tray to the table.


to be continued



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